Twitteratis Are Still Going Crazy Over The Price Of Justin Bieber’s Concert Tickets For Rs 76,790!

Justin Bieber’s Concert Tickets

Justin Bieber’s concert tickets – Justin Bieber is coming to India – Yaayyyyy…

His concert tickets are for Rs. 76, 790 – Nayyyyyy…

Yes, that’s how people are reacting over Justin’s concert tickets. I mean, it feels like “Justin coming to India” has caught less attention as compared to “Justin’s concert tickets for 76k”. Some people are sure as hell excited to watch Justin perform in India, whereas there are others who already peed in their pants upon hearing the price of tickets.

So, apart from his tickets scenario, people who have no idea, Justin will be performing at DY Patil Stadium in Mumbai on 10TH May as part of his “Purpose World Tour”. 😉 (Just-in case you forgot) And also, the tickets started selling from Rs 4, 060 to Rs 25, 200.

Wait, here’s the BIG STORM that bowled Twitteratis.

Yes, the actual storm took place when people saw that the VVIP tickets are costing Rs 76, 790.

Yep, you certainly read it right.

76, 790? Damn, I can probably buy a new laptop and happily it’ll last long too. But, JB x 76k? It is quite indigestible. Honestly, the cheapest prices are not really “that” cheap though. And in the middle of this, when people heard about JB’s 76K concert tickets, it literally blew their mind on Twitter.

Honestly, after the same scenario with Coldplay, this came with no surprise element at all. So, here’s how people are still reacting over Justin Bieber’s Concert Tickets for Rs 76,790.

Justin Bieber’s Concert Tickets price – 

  1. This one is damn hilarious. Bdw, what’s your vote? Hehe!


2. iPhone is certainly a good idea to make yourself happy.


3. Jio kab kaam ayega??


4. Hahhahaha! His songs describes the scenario too.

5. What do i say? *Facepalm*

6.  Poor Guy!

7. Oops!

8. I guess many people are happily planning to buy a iPhone.

9. Well, not a bad idea because 76 days are still remaining.

10. Do you remember the GIF’s of Trash Doves? Yes, that’s how people are reacting on JB’s ticket price.

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