Why Marrying Young Is The Worst Decision You’ll Ever Make!

Marrying Young

Marrying young – We are tired of our parents telling us to settle down at the ‘right’ age (whatever that means!) and start a family as soon as possible. While being young and energetic is a good way to spend your life with someone, it comes with certain disadvantages too.

We tell you why marrying young is the worst thing ever… Read on and make your mommy read it too!

Career lows:
How many of us can be sure of a career that would make us enough money to not only marry and honeymoon in style, but also spend our lives like royals? With so many switches and changes happening in our 20s, bringing someone home is am added responsibility…despite their additional income. Many of us are confused about our career paths and even the place we want to work, so marrying young will only complicate our lives further. Because marriage is not something you commit to on a random day, it’s a huge thing that has to be handled with care and love. Moreover, you can’t wake up one day and quit your job because you want a break. You have a spouse to care for, a family to take care of…ouch.

Maturity issues:
All the petty problems you have with your spouse can spiral into a break up, thanks to your immaturity and inexperience. In our 20s, we want to have fun, explore and enjoy our lives and when we are bound down by rules and responsibilities, we tend to mess up.  If you’re not mature enough to handle small issues, how are you going to take care of the major ones that will come your way. You have to take care of your spouse too…hmm.

Bye-bye, freedom!
We are not just talking about booze nights and back-to-back movie marathons, we are referring to your freedom and fun. If you like to laze around on Sundays or don’t take bath over the weekend. How are you ever going to tell this to your partner? Even if it’s a love marriage, you now have a family and other members constantly coming in and out of your house. There will be family visits, shopping expeditions, people coming over and so many other things that will overwhelm you!

New beginnings:
Everything is going to be new, even for the groom. Don’t forget that you’re going to be living with a person 24/7, even if he/she was your lover before becoming your spouse. There will be many changes that can be difficult for youngsters to manage and adjust to. But if you’re in your 30s, you would have seen the world and understood stuff better and would be able to deal with your married life in a dignified manner.

We are not suggesting that you don’t marry young… we are saying that marrying young can make you lose out on things. Do it only if you’re mentally prepared to take on the challenges!

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