10 Reasons Why You Should Not Get Married Before Your 30s

Get married before 30 – As the saying goes, marriages are made in heaven and waiting for the special person until your 30s seems like worth the wait.

Judging by the Indian mentality, women who reach the threshold of 25 are constantly badgered by the aunties to get married and match-make you with every handsome eligible bachelor they come across. The build-your-career-then-get-married fact aside, you need to wait until you reach your 30s to take a call on marriage for many reasons.

Here are some legit reasons why you should not Get married before 30 and give that marriage crazy aunties cold shoulder before you are 30.

1 – You don’t want a failed marriage:

When you know you have married a wrong person in the hurry to ‘settle down’ before 30 just because your other friends were doing the same, you are signing up for unhappiness. You are bound to gasp for breath after you have realized that you have married a person with whom your ideologies don’t match.

2 – Huge age gaps are not romantic:

The age-gap mark should be 3 years to give couple-goals, if your husband is any older than that, it will be quite the elbow grease to make him understand your point. Take for instance, if you are 25 and marrying a 30, he is more unlikely to understand your dreams and aspirations.

3 – You will have had fun with the wrong guys before you meet your prince charming:

If you marry in 30, you will get enough chance to date around and have the best sexual encounters. So, there will be no regret in your heart that you wasted the golden days of your life rolling Rotis.

4 – You will get enough time to recover from your major heartbreak:

We are always in the lookout for transitory happiness and so when we have a bitter break-up, then in pursuit to fill that emotional vacuum, we get head-on into wrong relationships. So, if you marry in your 30s, you are getting enough time to tide over the bitterest break-up and start things afresh. So that you don’t keep comparing your husband to your first love.

5 – You know your true worth and standard when you are 30:

You have a clear picture about yourself in your mind. You know your self-worth and what kind of a person you deserve, so you are less likely to make a wrong decision.

6 – You have better communication skills:

All this while, you have devoted time and energy to hone your communication skills by reading, working, interacting with people. You have grown through your experiences so while a chat with that special person, you never run out of topics.

7 – You have more patience:

You are immune to mind games and it take many a fuckboys to reach this feat. So, your patience has notched up higher and you are not the fickle minded person of your 20s. Maintaining a happy marriage needs lots of patience, keep a note.

8 – You are more responsible financially:

After all those years of impulsive expenses, you have finally learned to save money and handle the other financial matter skilfully. You have made investments which will feed fat your affluence in the married life.

9 – You have lived alone:

Nothing can be compared to living alone. When a person lives by his side, he learns a lot of things about himself that stays with him. So, you will have no regrets at heart and start a conjugal life happily.

10 – You have found your voice:

You have learned to stand up for yourself and you are no longer the person who tries to make everyone happy. You can call spade a spade now and don’t care who sees red from it.

Get married before 30 – So, sums up you have learned to be the love you were looking for in your 30s and marriage seems worth the wait now.

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