Eight Flight Attendants Spill Beans On The Dark Side Of Their Job

Flight Attendants

We all see the life of cabin crews and flight attendants (FA) in a most glamorised way possible, and over look the real side of their life.

Generally the travellers on board think that the life of flight attendant is classy and glamorous, as we see them nicely dressed up with a broad smile on their face.

So here are some hard confessions that some anonymous Flight Attendants made.

Flight Attendants –

  • The Trays On Which They Serve Food:

We get you the food in nicely fashioned trays. You spread all your peanut butter on that tray. We have seen baby poo diapers been laid on them. I have never seen these trays cleaned or sanitised.

  • On Managing Rude People:

Trying to be rude to us, we smile broad though, we put you in area surrounded by children. So the next time don’t try to be rude to us, as you got no idea of what we got in the store for just you 😉

  • About Asking Passengers To Switch Off Mobile Phones..!!

Well, you notice us always cautioning you to switch off your mobile phones. Though they really don’t make the flight to crash but they may interfere with the signal that the pilot gets in the cockpit. After all the drama we do to make your phones go off, we go back to our positions and start texting…!!

  • About The Food They Serve:

We feel sorry for the food we serve you, because we just have no other option let than serve you that food that fell on the floor due to turbulence. And you may wonder why we couldn’t have replaced your food!! You are to know that the food on board is less or just sufficient.

  • How Your Checked Bags Are Really Treated:

We say to you that we are taking good care of your bags, but the reality is they are thrown upside down in a lot of luggage’s in the cargo pit.!

  • On Hook-Ups With Other Flight Attendants And Pilots:

Once, a flight marshal approached me with an offer to spend his night with me. I told him that, ‘I was happily married and that the pilot is my husband’. He shut his mouth and rushed out of that place. So we  get to meet such cheapsters who think we are on sale.

  • Do Not Drink The Water In The Lavatories:

The water in the lavatories is so bad that the parasites in the tank has built up tolerance for the sanitisation treatments. Beware of this !

  • About Befriending People On Flight:

We seem to be always friendly to you and ensure every possible way that you are comfortable on board, but that doesn’t mean you can stop us from doing our duties. We also are humans and at times when passengers cross limits we need to show our ugly side as well. We smile doesn’t mean we are happy with our jobs no we aren’t extended timings, flight delays, change of flights, over night duties makes us restless and we also hate the fake smile  we need to flaunt at rude passengers while we want to punch them on face!

Having plans for cabin crew! Well, these are some hard confession I have for you. All that shines is not gold behind their glamorous looks there are “N” number of issues they need to face rude passengers, some who think money can buy anything, naughty children, etc.

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