Love Has Millions Of Definitions, Believe Me This One Is Most Appropriate

Love definition

Love definition – I’m sure that by now you would have watched as many movies which defines love as you have report cards in your hand.

Over the years love has been defined by a number of philosophers and psychologists. I, on the other hand knew what love was, when I watched the addictive Yash Chopra movies irrespective of they being modern or vintage.

They’ve defined love as friendship, commitment, care, compassion and what not.

But there are a few things love just cannot happen without. Love definition, we define for you what true love actually is.

Love definition –


Where there is love, there is priority and hence respect comes eventually. Constantly being late, moving the finish line, saying one thing and then doing other without preamble, all show lack of respect and consideration.


I don’t think there’s any need to elaborate this point. Just that there is no relationship on this earth that has sufficed without a proper understanding. The sooner you know it, the better for you.


True love is about putting someone else’s needs before your own. That does not have to be sacrificing always. It simply means that there are times when you consider the need or thought of the person you love wholeheartedly, above yours.


More than fifty percent people in love complain about lack of responsibility in a relationship. Teamwork translates into a sense of interdependence, rather than independence and that leads to a deeper and more nuanced understanding of one another, and a strong sense of overall connection.

Trust and Transparency

When it comes to two people in love, partners who are aware of what the other is doing have been found to be happier in life. Trust is an important aspect in any relationship, as without that the world would have succumbed to devastation by now. No, I am not exaggerating, but think about it yourself. Any relationship, be it personal or professional requires trust.


If you’re going to be transparent and communicate, then you might as well put it all out there. Truth goes a lot farther than eggshell walking. If you truly love the person you won’t expect things that are beyond his or her potential. Stuffing never ends well. Being contented does.


Setting time aside each day or week to sit, without distraction and talk about the relationship. Often people become so busy in their lives that they oversee their relationship needs time too. Being mindfully invested in the fabric of relationship and working together to keep it strong is an abject necessity to foster no just contentment but joy.


Oh yes, humour too is an important aspect in a relationship, for if you’re happy it’s because of the important elements of love. Assuming that a relationship is, by and large, healthy and strong, humour is derived from encountering the unexpected- that’s what makes a funny joke.

This is Love definition – What these virtues really tell you is whether you see a glass the half empty way or the half full way. It may sound hokey to say but if any of these is missing in your relationship, maybe you should work it out soon.

After all, true love comprises of all the good virtues instilled within you.

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