5 Fascinating Ways To Bring Authentic Love In Your Life

Finding love is not meant, to be easy, especially when we’re talking of authentic love. You know you have a liking for a person and the person likes you in a similar manner.

You may at times claim that you don’t want the love and approval of people in your life. You may also claim that you can make it till the end all alone. But sometimes in you most honest moments with yourself, you may realize that your logic or denial has been faulty throughout.

Finding love is not meant, to be easy, especially when we’re talking of authentic love. You know you have a liking for a person and the person likes you in a similar manner. But the question that remains is that where do you see this love five years down the line. We tell you a few ways that could help you bring authentic love in your life. Read on!

1. Seeking love genuinely
People generally seek a relationship out of fear in today’s date. Fear of being lonely, fear of being left out on the shelf, fear of not conforming up to society’s expectations, and fear of being left out among coupled friends. In doing so, you seek a relationship out of fear and not love. This could result in you ending up with someone who does not even value you. So be patient and ‘fall’ in love, rather than running behind love.

2. Love yourself
You’ve heard it a number of times, and deep down that self love wins over the love of someone else. But there definitely are moments when that self love is not on your mind and you feel that someone else’s love is something that is a necessity for you. In those moments, sit down and think about things that you love about others and why did those things grab your attention. Write yourself a love letter, and feel the spark within you.

3. Be the best ‘You’
If you alter or change yourself, so that you match up to the other person’s expectations, there is a high probability that the person is not compatible with your true self. In that case, time and again you get confused if you should continue your fake persona or get back to your true self. That is when you miss yourself. If you really love the person you continue faking your persona, and if you love yourself, you switch to what you truly are. In either case, you’re the one to lose. However, if the person loves whom you truly are, be sure that he’ll come around.

4. Stop looking
Soul mates are like two magnets in a heavy magnetic field. Just like two magnets attract each other, there will come a time when you and your soul mate, no matter how far you are, will bump into each other. There is a reason why people call it ‘falling’ in love. If you look for it, chances are less that you’ll find the right person. Just let it tour, and see the magic.

5. Don’t limit your chances
I have come across a number of people who limit their prospective of finding love depending on their conditions. For example, someone who does not work at the same place, or someone who shows interest first, or someone who asks you out within three days of dating. Unfortunately, these expectations hinder you from receiving love. Thinking about the consequences on the way your manifestation of love looks like, is a big no-no. Leave yourself open to different manners and you never know, when your heart gets struck by the love arrow.

All I have to say, is that the more you limit yourself and manifest your love for others, the more are you hindering the entry of authentic love in your life. Love yourself, open up to people around you and there it is- sheer romance in your life.

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