Bigg Boss House’s Love Fairy Comes Back!

Gautam Sonali love affair in Bigg Boss 8 – This is about Kushal-Gauhar affair ending and beginning of Gautm-Sonali romance. Is it a co-incidence or something fishy in it?

The wait is over guys!

Finally, after more than a month of this season of Bigg Boss, hopes have come alive that in this house, romance can happen, yet again!

All this while there were talks of animosity, back-biting, bitching, and all kinds of negativity.

But as you know, lotus blooms in muck!

Yes, we are talking about the seeds of love sown between Gautam Gulati and Sonali Raut!

By the time yesterday’s episode ended, Gautam had sneaked into Sonali’s bed and started, ummmm, talking! No coochie-cooing, not so soon at least! The guy is real fast though, doesn’t waste a single moment once he knows the girl is serious about him.

Even before Sonali walked in, he had placed himself right next to her place on the bed, eagerly waiting for her.

A big thanks goes to the inventor of night vision cameras or how else would have we been able to witness the first sparks of some hot romance inside the house! Even though such cameras were made for the armed forces, we civilians are making some real fine use of them.

Well, we all saw what happened late in the night, but there is another angle to the whole story!

We think, somehow Bigg Boss manages all kinds of romances and lusty-link ups happening inside the house. Guess what, just a couple of days back, Bigg Boss season 7 contestants and the most famous love-birds, Gauhar Khan and Kushal Tandon declared their break-up on Twitter!

That was nearly after an entire year of seeing each other. And now we see Gautam-Sonali cosying up to each other.

Some co-incidence or is it that the cupid works on Bigg Boss’ payroll?

Interesting thing is matches inside the reality show house are like perfectly designed keeping in mind the conventional norms. Gauhar and Kushal were tall, models and apt for each other as far as temperaments and nature is considered. Now, Gautam and Sonali also look like a perfect match made in the Bigg Boss heaven!

Both are short, look hot and sexy, are kind of eccentric and weird for the common man, but are standing out amongst the other contestants! Both are embroiled in one controversy after the other and are on the hate-list of most of the contestants. May be too much of hate led to rise of love between the two!

What happens next will be really interesting! Would this be some real genuine love or lust overtaking all senses?

Would these guys hire the cupid to go out with them even when both leave the house or this recently-found-love will fade away faster than the time taken to pronounce the word ‘love’?

We will have to wait and eagerly watch. One thing is for sure though; things will get hot and spicy henceforth! This is what we were waiting for so long. Now the fun begins!

Enjoy the journey guys for nothing is more entertaining than some wild romance amidst chaos which is so peculiar to Bigg Boss!

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