These Little Things Mean More Than I Love You

Little things

Little things – There are people who are not quite adept at speaking fancy words, they believe in actions more than words and they shower the love of their life with gifts, adulation and every nicety to prove their love towards them.

Such kind of a person will stand beneath your balcony at 3:00 am with ice-cream when you called and said you miss him. Such kind of love can’t be gotten over because they always feel like home to their beloved and one should never let go of a person who puts up a real fight to make his beloved smile.

In most of the cases, they would do these simple everyday little things to broaden her smile.

If your man believes in action than words, he will bring you tampons on the day of your periods instead of bringing a bouquet because he cares and remembers every itsy bitst detail about you.

There will always be a song which reminds him of you. The song that sums up your lovestory in melody, the song that belongs to you two.

He will always ask to drop you, even if he can’t, he will ask you to call him when you reached because he is worried.

He will not watch the season finale of your favourite TV series without you because he wants to witness every emotion that surface in your face when you are watching it. He won’t trade that chance for anything.

He will help you with your household chores. He will make sure to minimize your work as much as possible so that you get some time to rest.

He will watch your favourite Rom-Com with you. Which may sound very unlikely of every guy but your guy stands out of the lot if he does that for you.

He will always prioritise your choices when it comes to ordering food. He will order food from your favourite restaurant which will have your favourites aplenty.

He will always shower you with compliments no matter what. You are the best thing that has happened to him and he will wear you as the badge of pride.

He will just call to hear your voice and admit that he did it on purpose. Of course, it doesn’t make a man less of a man to admire his lady love like a queen.

He will always remind you to go for health check ups because he wants you in good health. He will be your true north when you need him the most. You can open up to him about anything that’s bothering you.

He will give you a backrub to relax you. This is the best intimate and non-sexual moment to share with your partner that strenghtens your relationship for the long haul.

If these little things brought a smile on your face because you can relate your guy with the above pointers, then you my dear are in sheer luck.

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