Reason Why The Meanest Friend is The Most Caring One

Meanest Friend

Meanest Friend – There are friends in a group who are flagrantly blunt.

They thrive around sarcasm and will have a witty comeback for every adverse situation. They still have this arresting magnetism about them that you always turn to them for reasoning.

Also, these kinds of friends become the centre of attraction in any party for their gift of the gab. Reason why the they are mean yet caring is that they have way more analytical mind than the average people and sheer intelligence because they speak sarcasm fluently. There is a saying that sense of humour is sense of proportion and they completely fit the bill.

But when the difficult times come, you will have your meanest friend as your mainstay while the sweet-talkers will take the narrow lane and show you their back. Here are the reasons why you should keep the meanest friend because he cares a lot:

They will never talk rubbish:

A blunt person doesn’t get on your nerves because they are busy being blunt themselves. Talking behind backs is not their camp and they will be brutally honest about their complaints about you.

They will tell you the most painful truth on your face:

A blunt person keeps honesty in the highest pedestal. If they think you need a reality check, they will give you brazenly. You will be too paralysed to argue with these people because they will execute the most meaningful discussions.

They won’t play passive-aggressive games:

You don’t need to be worried around a mean person because they will never bore you. They will not play mind games and light up every discussion with their smart wit. They are not fake actually, unlike the people who praise others in their presence and bitch about them in their absence.

Their moral standards can’t be matched:

Appearing immoral and crude is their outer shell but they are the most moral people inside. They live by principles and smart enough not to let their transitory happiness wreak havoc in their personal life.

He will always teach you to become a better person:

Blunt people will show you the way to stand up for yourself, being vocal about your needs. They are not fearful so they will encourage you too for being opinionated.

Their friendship is pure as a dewdrop:

You will have the best of friendship from them. They will never take you for granted and will stand by you through thick and thin.

These are the characteristic traits about a mean person but know for sure they have a heart of gold.

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