5 Bollywood Jobs That Will Help You Get In The Film Industry

Bollywood jobs

Half of the India is crazy over Bollywood and half of them want to get into the film industry to have a direct access to their dreams.

Well, apart from being an actor, there are other jobs that will help you get close to your dreams. Those jobs are merely based on what goes behind the scenes but it is guaranteed that it will give you the right direction to Bollywood.

On that note, here are 5 Bollywood jobs that will help you get in the film industry.

Bollywood jobs –

1. Assistant Director

To become an assistant director, all you have to do is complete a film making course. It can be a short term course or a degree too, depending on what you aim. Any course with a lot of practical knowledge of how it works on a movie set, will get you a job in a production house or you can work as a freelancer for different movies as and when they are made.

2. Make-up artist

To stay close to the celebrities and the film sets, becoming a make-up artist is an easy way. For that, you will have to do a course from a reputed make-up and beauty academy. Once done with that, you will get to assist the famous make-up artists and then soon move on to being independent.

3. PR manager

As the name suggests, the role of a PR manager is to handle the public relations of a celebrity or a movie. You will be required to have a degree in PR for becoming a good manager and along with that, you are needed to have a great hold on communication. If you have it, you can apply in various PR agencies working for Bollywood brands and you will be there.

4. Cinematographer

Cinematographer is the person who shoots the movie that we all enjoy and if you want to be that, you need a lot more than just theoretical knowledge or a college stamp. You have to be creative, a thinker and you must have a lot of technical skills. If you have that, you have a pass to shooting the movies.

5. Writer

To become a writer, all you need are thoughts, some writing skills and a lot of stories in mind. If you have all that, just star off by pitching your stories to short film writers and move ahead gradually. It’s a long way but totally worth.

These are the Bollywood jobs that can help you get into bollywood – Well, these are the jobs that you can aim for and many more. Whatever it is, just follow your passion and heart!

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