How To Plan A Date In Just Rs 500? Here Is A Quick Guide…

Planning for a date during month end? Here are some smart date plans you are set up within Rs 500…

Yes, it is month end and by all means you must have exhausted a major part of your pocket money. If you are someone who is planning to take your girl out during this time of the month don’t be disappointed. A lot can be done even if you have just say Rs 500.

Okay, stop LOLing. All it needs is some good planning and a creative mind. Many girls keep endorsing the thought that all they need is some quality time with their guys. Let me tell you, these girls are just being nice to their guys. Every girl loves surprises. There need not be any occasion.

So, what do you do in such a situation? Hmmm! Think smart and act smarter. Here are a few ideas that I have come up with for you guys. But, I did ask a few guy friends if they have really been in such a situation and then attempted to come up with these date plans that will cost you just Rs 500 or even less than that.

Take a look!

When home alone…


If you are lucky enough to get your home for yourself for an evening, call her home. Buy few candles to light up the entire room or get few scented ones; just for the feel of it. Write a note and give her and welcome her with a rose.
Get a small bottle of Port Wine. Also, stock up juices and soft drinks in case she is not in the mood. If she is sober types, make her hot chocolate or a cold coffee. Get chips or diet chivda.  If you can cook make her a proper meal and if you can’t, serve her masala/ chicken maggi noodles. Make sure you don’t prepare anything messy and make a fool out of yourself.  

You can get her an ice cream and play her favourite music. End the evening by watching her favourite movie, which can be easily downloaded on torrent.

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