Learn These Things From The Happiest Countries of Earth

There are three key ingredients of happiness, ’empathy’, ‘altruism’ and ‘pro-social’ activity. There are countries that don’t practice any of these and there are a few that have set example in the global forefront by abiding by those simple rules. The societal ills and atrocities tend to tarnish the overall image of a country and when we take personal inventory into corrective methods, our small steps bring big changes. Every citizen, after all, should imbibe some basic ethics that make a country a better place for the generations to come. Here are handful of names of such countries that teach us a thing or two about unity, empathy, altruism and living for others:


This tops the list of happiest countries of the world consistently because of the satisfaction level of the citizens. For example, if you want to probe into the fact as to what makes these countrymen so happy, simply visit a small coffee shop where you will be faced with the tradition of Fika, which is “break time” where locals meet, greet and eat pastries together in an act of merrymaking.


The main reason why Australia is deemed to be the happiest country in the world is that it has very low pollution level and of course, high level of civic engagement. Australia, aside from that, is very popular for arranging barbecue in national parks or outdoor places where they offer free or coin-operated grills which unites people over food.

New Zealand:

This is a thriving ecological paradise beaming with the gorgeous sight of Blue Mountains to the wild Penguins. This biodiverse paradise in the world prides on the ecological balance which obviously is accredited to human hard work. If you are in New Zealand, you should not miss visiting the Volcano, ancient Maori sites and raters at Tongariro and Whanaguni National Parks.


Canada is the symbol of unity and boasts on being the most culturally diverse country in that bargain. visitors can learn the art of mushing during winter’s dogsledding season in the parts of the northwest along the old Trans-Canada Highway. The adventure junkies can hike the slopes of the Canadian Rocky Mountains and Canada’s many national parks are there to take your breath away.


A rather interesting custom that lures the visitors in the country is the Sauna. Yes, you can drain your worries in the Finnish Sauna. More interestingly, it has 3.3 million saunas throughout the country despite of having 5.2 million people.

Well, we believe that you have already figured out that these are the best travel destinations in the world whose law and order are in place too. These countries are, over the year, largely thronged by visitors and no wonder they return all contented.

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