11 Reasons to Hang Horseshoe alias Ghode Ki Naal at Home

Hang Horseshoe

Hang Horseshoe – Are you read to move into the new house?

Or you think that negativity has made its way into your house. Whatever the reason is, one this is crystal clear that you are feeling negative powers around your house. Of course, there are many ways to flush out the bad fortune.

So, do you follow any common practices to restore the atmosphere at your place?

Yes, you did but nothing changed till now. Therefore you are worried and want to consult a vastu expert. It is a good option to try.  The professionals have ample knowledge and know exactly which thing or a practice is beneficial for whom. But, you are still searching if any home remedy is available to kick-off the bad luck from your dream house.

In this case, you have landing on the right page. I know that the entire family has to face impact of negativity in house. Therefore, this article is going to help you stay protected from the evil eye forever. How? So, let us get to the point directly. You must have heard about the Horseshoe alias ghode ki naal. This is one thing that holds lot of positivity in itself. Thus, I suggest you place this thing at your home and live life to the fullest.

But, be cautious as there are several rules to place the ghode ki naal alias horseshoe. So, let us take a look at them.

Firstly, you should place the horseshoe with its thin edge upward. This is because it is the endpoint. Thus, hanging the ghode ki naal in this direction will catch more of the positive energy. Also, it will store all the positivity that the endpoint. Due to which your home will always be a happy place to live.

Secondly, the ghode ki naal alias horseshoe should be old. Yes, you should prefer hanging an old horseshoe. By the old ghode ki naal means that some horse must have worn it sometime.

So, these were the set of rules to follow while placing this positive thing in your house. Now, you should know the reasons to hang horseshoe alias ghode ki naal at home.

Reasons to Hang Horseshoe –

  1. Bring Good Luck

Hang this good luck charm at your doorstep and attract all the positive and good energies to your living place. Keep the end point of horseshoe upwards. This will store the positive energy and will keep the evil waves away from your house. This is one of the eleven reasons to hang horseshoe alias ghode ki naal at home.

  1. Store Positive Vibe in 2H

Place the two horseshoes together and bring a lot of positive vibes with both ghode ki naal. The reason to hang two of them is to secure good fortune by filling more positivity at home. Thus, a combination of the horseshoe is an amazing trick to keep the atmosphere happy at home.

  1. Fetch Magical Powers

The horseshoe is made by the blacksmith. These are people who melt iron in the fire for shaping up new things. Thus, the ghode ki naal is believed to an auspicious thing to hang. This brings good fortune to the people who live around it particularly. Therefore this is one reason to hang horseshoe or the ghode ki naal at your home.

  1. Good Luck Metal

The horseshoe is made of iron that is particularly used by the blacksmith. Thus, the metal holds some magical powers. Therefore the belief is to hang this inside the residence as the ghode ki naal fetch positive powers from the atmosphere. Thus, this good luck metal is another reason to hang horseshoe or the ghode ki naal at your house.

Hang Horseshoe

  1. End Your Struggle for Survival

Are you facing some financial crunch? If yes, then wrap the horseshoe in a black cloth and place in the storage container where you place the grains. This trick allows the ghode ki naal to grab good luck which results in an end to your struggle for survival. Thus, this is one reason to hang horseshoe or the ghode ki naal at home.

  1. Strengthen Your Financial Status

Place the horseshoe or the ghode ki naal in a clean cloth. Tightly wrap this cloth and keep it in the locker of your wardrobe. This will attract the money towards you and thus you will get out of the financial crush. The freedom from old debts is what you get in return by following this practice. So, this is one reason to hang the horseshoe alias ghode ki naal at your home.

  1. Prevents from Graha-Dosh

The people having sadesati or the shanimahadasha must wear the ring made from the horseshoe alias ghode ki naal. Wear the ring in the middle right finger of your hand. This practice will prevent you from the devil’s eye. Therefore, protect yourself from the side-effects of grahadosh from now.

  1. Protect Family from Black Magic

If you doubt that someone has done black magic on your family or home then you must read the next lines with caution. Hang the horseshoe on your main gate in ‘U’ shape. This will confront the evil vibes and will restore the positive vibes in the environment. Another reason to hang the ghode ki naal in this particular shape is to keep the positive energy intact for a long time. This is one of the reasons to hang horseshoe alias ghode ki naal at your home.

Hang Horseshoe

  1. Hang Nailed Horseshoe

The hanging of a nailed horseshoe is very auspicious. The number seven is said to be a good luck charm since ancient ages. Therefore, hanging of this type of horseshoe brings good luck, fortune, and prosperity in a home.

  1. Turn Your Wish into Reality

Have you found any horseshoe lying? If yes then you must first spit on this ghode ki naal. Then close the eyes and make a wish. After making a wish, throw the horseshoe over your left shoulder and leave the place. This practice will turn your wish into reality. Living the dream is one reason to hang horseshoe alias ghode ki naal at your home.

  1. Affects Life in Spiritual Way

The horseshoe alias ghode ki naal depict heaven on earth. Thus, you must hang it on the roof to receive good fortune directly from the heaven. This is a reason to hang the horseshoe at home.

Hang Horseshoe

Thus you have a lot of reasons to hang horseshoe at home. The ghode ki naal is a masterpiece and also enhance the interior of the house. So, you grab a horseshoe now and keep your family protected from the devil’s eye.

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