Traits Of A Woman Who Believes In Casual Dating More Than Love

Casual Dating

There is a cliché in our country that says a woman must be very safe and specific when it comes to choosing the love of their life.

Well, a lot of women have followed the same and ended up being heart broken.

Not anymore as just like men, women have also started believing in casual dating. After all, why should boys have all the fun? And as we all know, casual dating is much better than falling deep in love and then being left alone.

So, if you are a woman who believes in casual dating more than love, these are your traits.

Casual dating –

  1. You hate love stories

A believer of casual dating hates love stories because she has never understood the concept of the same. It’s not like they never want to fall in love, it’s just that they have been so happy with dating that they don’t want the mess of a love story.

  1. You are always clear about your feelings

When you believe in keeping things casual and are okay with what comes along with it, you become very clear about your feelings. It doesn’t matter who you meet and how you go, you just make things clear to the person.

  1. You don’t hide

There’s nothing wrong in dating people and if you do it too, you are perfectly okay with it. Basically, you don’t feel the need to hide it as you understand it makes you happy and you don’t care if someone else judges you for that.

  1. You love yourself

Of course, you love yourself and that’s the reason why you have chosen the path of utter happiness. You don’t believe in harming yourself for anything in this world and that’s the reason you are satisfied with what you do and believe in.

  1. You always give the best love advice

You know why you give the best love advice and why your friends come to you when they are in need of some love advice? It’s because you have dated so many people and have been through so many different stories in life, that you have completely understood what goes how.

It’s good that you believe in something that makes you happy and it’s something that you do out of choice and not because people think it’s right. Keep going!

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