These Are The Reasons Why You Do not Have A Girlfriend.

having a girlfriend

Having a girlfriend – A lot of guys wonder why they don’t have a girlfriend and if you are reading this, then probably you are one of them.

Well, having a girlfriend in life is surely not a necessity but when you see other guys around happy in their love life, you really feel the need of having one. But every time you try to get into a relationship, you miserably fail in the endeavor.

Have you ever thought why? Here’s the answer:

1. You don’t know how to please them

If you think that girls only fall for looks or money, you are never going to get the right partner in your life. You have to please her by letting her know that you are the kind of man who will protect her, love her, take care of her and be with her forever.

2. You are not ready for commitment

Maybe you are the kind of person who come across as more of a Casanova or a casual dating lover. And that’s the reasons why girls don’t get the relationship vibes from you, which leaves you with no girlfriend at all.

3. You haven’t tried much

No girl is going to come to you and ask you if you are going to get into a relationship with her, you need to put some efforts too. So, if you are attracted towards any of the girl, try to take it to the next level.

4. You are very satisfied with what you have

Maybe you don’t feel the need of girlfriend and you feel happy with your friends and family around. Though you sometimes wish that you had a girlfriend, it becomes impossible when you think of having one in reality.

5. You are too busy in your career

Your career has always held importance in your life and you have never been able to divert your mind from that. Even if you feel like having a girlfriend in life, you miss out on it because of no time.

Well, not having a girlfriend is totally not an issue until and unless you are handling your life perfectly. Also, never lose hope because one day she will come and you will be the happiest man on this earth.

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