These Seven Signs Explains That Your Good Friend Is Actually A Frenemy


“Fake Friends: Once They Stop Talking To You, They Start Talking About You”

Well, we all know this saying which has been roaring a lot nowadays. Right? Well, actually there is a little twist in that quote and that goes like- Even though they are talking with you; they are talking about you. Get it?

Nowadays; in simple words we can’t trust anyone.

No matter, how close you’re with one of your friends but if you sees these signs in ‘em than it’s time you call it quits.  Well, I understand breaking up with a friend hurts a lot but if it is for the right reasons then it’s time to let it go quickly.

Check out these Frenemy signs:

  1. No good words

Yes, if you’re feeling that your friend actually doesn’t appreciate you for things like before then it’s obvious there’s a change in the behavior. You just don’t deserve to be with someone who is always up for using bad words.

  1. Too much jealously

Even in friendship jealously exists & thus everything then takes a bad turn. If your friend is continuously jealous about the good things happening to you then they don’t deserve to be your friend.

  1. Trying to Control you

There are such kinds of friends too & if you’ve come across this character then you know better as well. Firstly, why even give ‘em a chance to control you? Can’t you decide what’s good up for you? Asking for advice is a good thing but don’t let ‘em control your behaviors & decisions anymore.

  1. Always Bringing up the past

We all are humans & we must have done something or the other wrong sometime. Agree? For e.g. if your friend is bringing up the past all over again then talk about it clearly.

  1. They bitch a lot about you

Well, from somewhere or the other such bitching stuff definitely comes up-to you in time. If your friend is only talking behind your back then it’s a red flag. Every friendship needs trust & that’s how you call it great.

  1. They drag you down

If a person can’t stand your happiness they will always find reasons to make the celebration worst; so be prepared for this one too. And, if you’ve already experienced it then you know what exactly you need to do next.

  1. You’re Left alone

It is quite obvious that a relationship must be two sided.

Well, if your friend is not showing up when you need ‘em the most each & every time then trust me that person is your frenemy.

Be smart & stay away from such friends.

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