These Urban Houses Are Cheaper Than Your iPhone !

urban housing

What house that is cheaper than your Apple phone? Are these houses the future of Urban housing

In an economy where there is a price hike in everything every year, affordable housing is definitely one of the hardest things to come by.

We find an answer for sustainable urban housing at The Cuckoo Hostel in Bangalore.

The owner of this hostel is Rajat Kukreja. There is a wonderful project that stemmed from a helpful idea for people. This is one of tiny homes. This idea came about to help the problem of urban housing. These houses can be thought of as lego- houses.

Urbans housing –

There are a great many reasons to live and benefits of staying at the tiny homes at Cuckoo Hostel

  • The pop up rooftop home of Cuckoo Hostel is the idea of Sampath Reddy. He is the founder of Pop Up Housing, a company that specializes in using sustainable materials to create affordable and adaptive housing.
  • Pop Up structures can be stand alone structures or can be put up vertically for mass housing.
  • These homes can be put up in areas that are generally ignored by city dwellers who complain of a lack of space.
  • These areas include gardens, terraces, backyards, basements, etc.
  • The houses are much better in an ecological manner.
  • They are helpful for sheltering the homeless and providing a home for people with a low income
  • These houses are highly adaptable and can be used as emergency homes as well in times of disaster as protective housing to keep masses of people safe and sound.
  • These houses can also be used as a solution for temporary mass housing at times of major events like festivals, the kumbh mela, or even college fests.
  • These homes are environmentally friendly in more ways than one. Since they are smaller than regular houses, the conserve resources in many different ways. Firstly their size ensures a lesser carbon output. Even in terms of construction these houses require lesser sources of energy and materials
  • Adding on to this, lesser water is required to clean the house because it is smaller and the size also requires fewer light bulbs, tube lights, and other electrical outputs. There is also a decrease in the giving out of greenhouse gases.

This is urban housing  –  Pop Up houses and The Cuckoo Hostel have taken a great leap and provide good means of affordable housing.

urban housing

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