Here’s Why Girls With Big Hearts Are Often Misunderstood

Girls with big hearts – There is a strange and sorrowful loneliness in being a girl with a big heart.

There lurks sense of belonging, need for friendship and an enormous capacity to love within you but they go unreciprocated most of the times, or worse, misunderstood. You erect your defences most of the times but let them down again and show your fragile self.

As a result, you surround yourself with wish-washy lots who don’t deserve you, cheat you, rip you off your confidence and raise some self-reproachful discernment before you.

Girls with big hearts –

It is certainly not your fault because people are not adept at understanding that you are different, for good reasons obviously.

You don’t fortress your guard before them because you love them to begin with.

Know for sure, that you have achieved your stipulated maturity when love is not about winning or losing to you. Having a big heart means letting the people you love win, if they perceive it as a competition.

Some years down the line, they will understand what they lost because they didn’t know how to keep it.

Some notable characteristics of girls with big hearts are that they are not afraid to speak their mind; they care hoot about what the society thinks about them and has a different sense of right or wrong embedded within them.

You are on the constant quest to evolve as a better version of you and can change the whole direction of the person you love if they appreciate you as you are.

But then they have to be open minded, not doubtful, flexible to change, not an ego-borne jerk.

You don’t judge people, you see the inherent beauty of them and accept them as they are.

You put up a real fight for them because you know you are a keeper. After all, falling in love with someone’s flaws takes a big heart that you already possess.

It’s human and certainly not criminal to feel insecure sometimes, you do too.

You are replete with all the emotions, happiness and sadness, anxiety and doubts but what truly makes the difference that you have a hold on your anger.

You admire the little things in life like travelling, music, food, books and your emotional investment for the people you love are often misunderstood as desperation.

You are committed and honest and pour your heart to everything you do but sadly, they don’t have the merits to understand that.

You are barking up the wrong tree!

You always want to unearth the magical side of people that they hide and fall prey to heinous mind games.

You pay attention and remember even the tiniest details about the other person because you care. People miscomprehend it as being a complex person because you over-think, which is certainly not the case.

Girls with big hearts, but when you understand that you are being played, pulling out is no big deal for you because you have already invested until your saturation point. Fear the girl that has been through hell and survived, she who looks at the fire and smiles!

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