How To Look Better In A Selfie With The Help Of Few Tricks

Look Better In A Selfie

How to look better in a selfie! Over the years, the craze for selfie has increased more and more with everyone from a little 2 year old to a 50 year old aunty being a fan of selfies to the core.

When someoone starts clicking selfies, they never stop at one, they click multiple selfies just to make sure that they have got at least one right.

What if I can tell you about few tricks that will always make you look better in a selfie? Yes, that’s possible if you follow these tips below:

Look better in a selfie –

  1. Find good lighting

Go to a place where there is a lot of lighting coming onto your face because that will increase the quality of your front camera and your face will glow in the selfie no matter what. Just make sure that the light is coming directly onto your face and you are not standing opposite to the source of light.

  1. Flash a smile

A smile always works better than a pout when it comes to a good looking selfie. Whether it is a group selfie or a solo one, smile as much as you can because that is what makes your selfie look good and happy.

  1. Know your angle

That’s true, everyone has one specific selfie angle that makes them look good. So, you need to figure out what’s your selfie angle by clicking a few selfies at home for practice and then looking at which one was the best. Once you have come across your favoured angle, you can simply go ahead with the same every time you strike a pose for selfie.

  1. Consider the background

Backgrounds hold special importance in whether it is a selfie or a picture clicked by someone else. You always have to make sure that you are standing opposite something that makes your selfie look attractive and complements your pretty face.

  1. Use the right filter

One of my personal favourite is Juno and Valenica from Instagram as they make your selfies look flawlessly attractive. You can try all these filters once, then see which one works the best on the selfie that you took and then you can edit it the way you want.

These are the ways you can look better in a selfie – Well, selfies are easy to click and all you have to do is follow these simple rules if you have the battle for the best selfie going on. I hope you win!

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