Friends With Benefits : Does It Work?

Friends With Benefits

One of the widely known concepts in the west, friends with benefits, is slowly becoming popular among Indians now.

Despite our society’s staunch beliefs and various taboos associated with ‘sex’, this concept has found favours with the youth.

For those of you who have been living under a rock, friends with benefits is nothing but having intimate relationships with a friend without emotionally committing to them.

So if you’re having sex with your buddy, without the hassles of dating/marriage, you’re said to be friends with benefits. The benefits being, well, sex.

There have plenty of movies made and books written on this topic, all of them with a similar ending. One of the two does fall in love with the other and it complicates the hell out of the situation.

Traditionally, women have found this concept rather weird as they need emotional fulfilment more than its physical counterpart. But more and more modern women chasing after their careers and dreams, the joy of dating has gone out the window. So what do these ladies do? They seek out their friends and indulge in a casual relationship that has no baggage and works on ‘no questions asked’ theory.

But people are more complicated than this, aren’t they?

How can you sleep with someone and not get emotionally attached to them at a certain level? May be it’s not love or it is, but it does make matters worse as you start investing in the ‘relationship’. Even though there’s no relationship. Nobody can be so shallow and stone-esque that can simply satisfy themselves and walk out the door. Even if the society doesn’t bother you, your conscience does prick on you. When people realise that they are physically quite compatible, they start to wonder if they should give their togetherness a ‘chance’. If they should take it a step ahead…the two might not even be exclusive, but they start thinking about a future that’s full of confusion.

This concept is quite popular with the youth as it gives them an opportunity to explore the good and bad without getting involved with the person. It allows them to have fun without the social demands of commitment, care and accountability. Since it’s mutual, it doesn’t give way to any interference and domination. This works the best for those who are commitment-phobic. They have the warmth of a friend, their physical needs are taken care of and they don’t have to answer anybody. W.O.W! B

But how healthy is this concept? Not just for the body, but also for the mind? Does it make one feel unwanted and undesirable or makes one feel important and extremely desirable?

Do you believe in this concept?

Would you ever consider doing your friend, without the strings of commitment attached? Whether you do it or not, remember to not judge others who are doing it.

Because it’s a) none of your business, b) they don’t care!

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