PhD In Lies – Invented During College

Lying to parents as teenagers – Teenage is an interesting phase in people’s lives as they not only go through physical changes, but they tend to lie a lot during this period, too. Cooking up lies in front of their parents becomes a norm.

Teenage is an interesting phase in the life of humans. Their bodies are going through changes and curiosities about different topics are at the peak.

All these confusions lead to teenagers feeling irritated at all times and we have all gone through that phase.

The college days are also the time when we taste freedom. No more uniforms (unless you are in a sucky college), no more stringent rules and you are exposed to bunking.

Since this phase is a new adventure in life altogether, we are forced to lie to our parents on several occasions. Let us take a look at few lies that we tell our parents to keep our face clean –

“I am going to my friend’s place to study.” Studying never comes to pass while you are at your friend’s home. However, a party might transpire.



Once the results are out and the percentage is way low, you use this as excuse – “I wrote all that I knew; it’s the teacher who hates me.”



Peer pressure is one thing that all teenagers go through. This is also when you try drinking or smoking. But when you parents ask you about the same, you reply, “My friends drink/smoke. I don’t participate in it.”



“I am not seeing anyone. He/she is just my friend.” If every parent had a nickel for every time they heard this.



After getting caught watching porn, “Damn these popups! These contain viruses”, is your response while you simultaneously have a thudding heartbeat.



“I ate shitty food. I did not touch the drink at the party.”



“We are going on an all-girls/all-boys trip.”



“I love meeting my extended family.”



“I don’t want to go to college. Don’t feel too well health-wise.”



And the biggest lie, “I have never lied to you.”


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