Which Of These 5 School Punishments You Enjoyed Or Hated?


School days were the best days of our life and there is no debate on this at least!

Apart from all the fun, and the friends we used to have, one thing that all of us have gone through, whether the toppers of the class or the losers, is getting punished for our naughtiness. Teachers used to give us punishment to bring us to our senses and make us realize that every mistake has repercussions and punishment is a way to learn how not to commit or repeat such mistakes. Come to think of it, in our adult lives, mistakes cost us so dear! Lives are wasted if we commit a blunder, but in school no matter what we did, teachers punished us and we happily enjoyed it! Well, most of it, not all for sure!

Let’s see which ones were the most common and famous School Punishments we all have gone through:

1) Becoming a Murga

This must be the most famous one for every guy and few girls as well. Who knows how many times we were made to sit like a cock and do cuckadoo-ku-doo!  Did anyone of you enjoy that?

2) Hold Your Ears

Ahhh this one was sheer torture, but became more fun if teachers asked two kids to hold each other’s ears. It was heavenly to pull each other’s ears and then complain to teacher that the other kid is pulling your ear way too hard!

3) Hands Up In The Air

Oh, this was painful, no doubt about that! Especially when the teachers forced you to keep your hands straight and invariably you had to bend your arms after every few seconds due to unbearable pain! Early childhood used to be bearable, but once in standard 8-9th or above, it became terrible if one had to stand with another child in the same position. Reason: sweaty armpits and the kid shoving it in your mouth!

4) Duster On Your Knuckles

Ouch! Even the thought gives you the pain, right? Who can forget getting hit on your knuckles by the thick powdery duster for not completing homework or fighting with a classmate or doing some other naughty stuff? And yes, knees also took the brunt sometimes if knuckles proved to be too strong!

5) Calling Parents

This used to be the worst kind of patient. It’s like, why to bring family into the picture? Every kid used to wonder that even though they are not grown ups, they have grown enough to handle their affairs on their own in the school. Including parents always felt like an insult, isn’t it?

There must be many more kinds of punishments we all have gone through. Do share the ones you remember vividly and enjoyed considerably. We so badly wish that even after living like an adult, the punishment for our blunders should be like what we got in schools. Life would be so easy and fun, right?

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