These Sexy Hook-up Stories Will Set Your Mood All Right

These Sexy Hook-up Stories Will Set Your Mood All Right

Sexy hook up stories – A lot of people will give you side eyes if you start sharing your Sexy hook up stories with them.

You must have had a wandering eye and hook-ups are not criminal as long as it keeps you rejuvenated. Besides, having sex with complete strangers will help you learn new things too from the carnal nuances. The stories from the steamy night that you have kept bottled up in your heart should be shared with someone who will take interest in it.

Here are some of such Sexy hook up stories of different people hooking-up.

Sexy hook up stories –

1 – The guy who used to work in a hotel:

I used to work in a hotel and was playing court to a co-worker. I would clean-up the refrigerator every evening before leaving work. One day my girlfriend sprang me a surprise and dragged me into the freezer part and we had it the raunchy way while my colleagues thought we were defrosting the refrigerator.

2 – The random meeting in the bar:

When I was just a beginner in the dating scene, I met a girl in the bar and ended up taking her into dinner. On our walk towards home, she invited me upstairs in her house, we landed in the apartment’s roof deck to the gorgeous view to overlook. Before my knowledge, this girl stripped naked and came all over me. I was just 24 years at that time and didn’t see this coming. We lied down in a forsaken hotel furniture and gave it a shot with the gorgeous view from the hotel’s window in tow.

3 – The one steamy soccer game date:

After dating a girl for a few weeks, I took her to the soccer game which I liked a lot. She readily agreed to join me there and I was more than happy. I could not keep my hands off her while sitting through the game, we got back to the apartment and to my surprise, she pulled off her underwear from beneath the short skirt, I could not resist any longer and that was the start to a roller-coaster relationship.

5 – The date in New York City:

I touched down New York City to see some friends and have a gala time there. I bumped into a girl in a random store while shopping and we gelled immediately. We established a chemistry between us in a matter of hours and we could not wait to get on. We had sex in the Bathroom and that was helluva experience.

6 – Sex during the dusk:

I and my girlfriend were out for a walk in our neighbourhood during dusk. My friends were with me and we stole sometime alone too. We were walking past this playground when she had this dirty look in her eyes. I too intended for it so quickly scanned the area for small children but the coast was clear. Satisfied, we settled in one of those plastic crawl tunnels and had it.

These are the Sexy hook up stories – Having the boner there? We bet you are!