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The world would be a very dull place without friends especially ones who make us smile through our rough times.

We can be our natural self around our friends and don’t ever have to pretend in front of them, and without saying a single word, they will understand our pain and do everything in their place to keep us smiling and going. Those friends are to be cherished and kept along with us for the rest of our lives. It is so important to have a true friend in life. Without them, it just isn’t the same. Friends are a definite part of our lives.

1 – Travelling with friends can be fun

Travelling is awesome and travelling with friends is even more awesome. The sheer thrill of fun, craziness and adventure makes you want to do it more often. There are a few things to keep in mind though: It is important to understand what everyone wants to do and where to travel, choose a place where all are comfortable in staying, do things separately, but not on an every-day basis, compromising for each other, to be open about what we really want, to respect each other’s spaces, money isn’t everything, to figure out how to split between each other when eating and communicating with each other.

2 – The 3 types of friendships

All friendships are not the same. We always connect to a particular category to a friendship: best friend. It is not possible to identify each friend in this category. One has to pick and choose. There are three types of friendships in this world. They are: friends found in one’s circle or business associates because we find comfort in them, second one are friends who find each other’s company pleasant for one reason or another, probably because they are funny and the last group is friends who are purely based on virtue. This last group is extremely valuable and wishes for the best in the other.


3 – Communicating with your friends

We must take care of using “I” rather than “You” while communicating with a friend, just to avoid being misunderstood. Trying to read the other person’s mind or assuming can lead to many problems. It is always best to talk openly with your friend. It is also extremely important to relay your message clearly rather than holding back. But, before we do that, we need to ensure that we have cooled down prior to raising the issue. Asking your friend for clarification helps to prevent misunderstanding. Letting them know we are uncomfortable really helps! It is essential to keep our voices neutral while speaking instead of speaking aloud. Expressing ourselves truly builds our relationships with our friends, especially if we want to tell them something good about them.


4 – Cherish the friendship

Friendship is as precious as one’s own family. When you find the right friend, it is very important to tend to them, as you would your family. Friends come and go, but the one that stays with you definitely evolves in time. It transforms and inspires. It is real. And it is one of the most beautiful experiences life can ever give you. Sincere friendship takes hard work effort. Real friends make us a better person. So, do not let go of that hand of your friend, whom you have chosen.


Life is definitely a beautiful place with a friend by your side.

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