Innovative Ways In Which You Can Impress Your Crush

Impress your crush

Impress your crush – It is very natural and common for you to have a crush on someone.

When you have a crush on someone, you start thinking of ways to talk to them or atleast get them notice you. While you might have seen your friends doing certain things to impress their rush, you want to think of out-of-the-box ideas and innovative methods to make an impression.

While wisdom says to us tried and tested ways to woo your crush, you are not sure if something that has been tried earlier will work again. Here are a couple of innovative ways in which you can impress your crush.

Ways to Impress your crush –

1 – Lend them a helping hand 

All of us need some help and support on a daily basis. We find ourselves entangled in situations which we need some help to get out from. No matter how independent one claims to be, one needs to depend on people to get through different situations. Youneed to keep a close eye on your crush and wait for the time when they need some sort of help. There will be people around to helpthem but you should be the first one to make the move. Helping them would pave the way for you to introduce yourself to your rush and then, forging a bond with them.

Impress your crush

2 – Put together a public performance 

If you are good at performing arts, it could be a major asset for you while trying to impress your crush. You could sing, dance or stage a play and invite your crush to come and watch it. Most of us have some talent that sets us apart from others. We kept it hidden from public view and do not let people know about it because we are conscious about it. It is time to let your inhibitions go. When your crush discovers your talent, they will start noticing you and might just show some interest in you.

3 – Cook upsomething

The way to a person’s heart is through his or her stomach. The idea of taking your rush or loved out to an expensive restaurant for lunch or dinner is passé. Dining at an expensive restaurant could make them happy but what would make them happier is having food cook by you. If you are a good cook, that is great.If not, do not worry. Look up a recipe book and whip up a dish that would please your crush. Just make sure that you taste the dish before you serve it.

Impress your crush

4 – Gift them something unique

Gifting your crush a [resent is the first idea that comes to most people’s mind. But, most people do notspend enough time or effort while buying a gift for their crush. If you want to gift your something, you must get something that is unique and would make them think of you for a very long time. Of course, teddy bears and bouquets are clichéd items and should be chalked out of the list immediately. Try to find out what your crush likes and then, gift wrap something which would not only make them happy but also surprise them.

Impress your crush

5 – Seek a common friend’s help

Instead of getting in touch with them directly, ask a common friend to talk to them. A lot of people are, quite naturally, scared of rejection and hence, fail to muster the courage to talk to theircrush.In such a situation, it is better to seek the help of a commonfriend whom you trust to convey your feelings to your crush. You must make sure that they communicate what you intend to be communicated and do not mess things up.

Impress your crush

6 – Dress to kill

You could be someone who did not care about you looked. But now, you have to take some hood care of yourself in order to impress you crush. Lose some weight and get rid of that pair of jeans you have been wearing for a year. Even if you are going to the college, you must be dressed for a party. If your appearance helps you stand out among a group of people, a lot of people, including your crush, will start noticing you. Your appearance might not be the important thing but it is important nevertheless. Before you make an impression with any of your other qualities, you need to gain your crush’s attention by dressing up well and looking good.

Impress your crush

These are the ways you can Impress your crush – We often get tongue-tied when we see our crush. Walking up to them and confessing our feelings would be a far more difficult thing to do. So, you must try to gain their attention by leaving a good impression on them. Do not resort to ideas or methods that have become common. Go for something which has never been tried earlier and surprise your crush by doing something novel.

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