5 Clear Signs That You Only Fall For Fuckboys

The evolution of the new emotional curve called binge-dating is ruining many teenagers and adults alike mercilessly. It is the pain of unrequited love that is isolating us off our career goals, family and even our own self. Then again, in the onset of social media, people are getting fervently involved more often than before and moving on to another potential choice after being played with emotionally. The depth of the relationships is no longer as profound as it used to be, blame it on the lack of patience in the young generation.

However, there is a category of girls and boys who emotionally weaken you by prodding and poking, do sexting for a few days, promise a whole lot of things and see through you when the passion is lost. Here under are five brutally honest signs that so far you have only fell for fuckboys.

He introduces himself as the prince charming who does all the sweet talking and chivalrous things for you to win your trust. Once you give him the nod, all the drama starts.

He only texts you in the midnight or after 6:00 PM and when you ask them if they are free during            the weekends, they start giving nonsensical excuses.

Your constant appeals to be introduced to his parents fall in deaf ears and he cares his bros more than your feelings.

He wants you to be a ghost in his social bubble and adding up any of his friends or tagging him in your profile infuriates him. He always plays the victim in arguments and gets really upset when you ask him about his previous relationships.


He starts to lose interest in you of you don’t send him the nude photo he asked at 1AM. He starts avoiding your calls and always gives you excuses that he was in the toilet.


If you have constantly encountered such people, we pray for  a rethink, you deserve better than this.

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