Everything You Need To Know About The Windows 8.1 Update

Well, first thing first! Windows 8.1 update is here, and you must be itching to install the latest upgraded operating system from Microsoft?

Well, first thing first! Windows 8.1 update is here, and you must be itching to install the latest upgraded operating system from Microsoft? Just to make things a little simple for you, here’s a quick list of facts listed below so that you know exactly what you would be getting and how to use the same. 

  1. The Windows 8.1 update has gone live on Tuesday (08.04.2014). Since a lot of people probably would be downloading it at the same time, there might be little issue with the process. Though Microsoft has clearly said there won’t be any issue with the downloading process and people thousands of people from across the world can download at the same time. If you think you aren’t having any luck, just wait a little while and retry the process. 
  1. The latest upgrade from Windows is free for Windows 8 users. They just need to update the existing operating system from Windows Store. However, if you are a Windows 7 user or even a user of Windows XP/Vista, you will have to purchase Windows 8 from Microsoft or from any retailer for that matter. And after you have purchased, you can update it to Windows 8.1. 
  1. While there are some surprising tweaks for desktop and tablet users, the latest update from Windows is more inclined towards making life easier for a desktop (with mouse) user. The Windows 8.1 update brings back some of the interface features that was present in Windows 7 and other previous versions. 
  1. With the new update for Windows 8.1 the search is more intuitive. Now as soon as you click the bottom left corner of your desktop or tap the Windows key, a search field comes up on the right hand side of the Start Menu. That makes you see what you are typing. While this is not a big change, but this should make it easy for people (new to the OS) to search.   
  1. The latest update has brought back the red X for closing Modern applications. Quitting an application before was a pain as it was necessary to pull down from the top of the screen and then swipe the app to the very bottom. While that’s easy for a tablet user, it was little awkward for users of desktops. Now desktop users can quit an app easily just by clicking on the red X on the top right corner. 
  1. Presently, with the latest update to Windows 8.1 now you have more organization features in the Start Menu. It means now you will be able to resize, move, and also organize tiles and at the same time open them with right-click option. 
  1. Just like the new Search feature, the last update also makes shutting down your computer a lot more convenient for desktop users. From the new Start Menu you will now have options at the top right to restart, shut down or put your computer to sleep. 
  1. Now you can also pin Modern apps to your desktop taskbar. In a bid to make desktop users interested in the Windows Store, the Windows 8.1 update pins the Store by default to the desktop. Besides in order to help you run modern and classic apps side by side it also allows you to pin modern apps to your desktop taskbar. 

Finally the Microsoft launches the Windows 8.1 update. Here’s everything that you need to know of the update before downloading the OS.

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