Forget Ghosting, Roaching Is The Latest Dating Trend & You Should Update YOURSELF With It!

Dating Trends : Earlier, we talked about dating terms like “Ghosting, Benching, Textationship, and many more.” No doubt, experiencing these dating trends is a nightmare. For those who have been it’s victim will truly understand how scary it is.

Ghosting has been the worst of all.

Wait, actually no, Ghosting isn’t the worst. Why, you ask? Oh, it’s because there’s another dating term that’s here to give you nightmares. What term, you ask? It is, Roaching. Yes I know, that this terms sounds a lot like cockroach, but trust me; it’s the worst. Worse than ghosting? Oh yes, it really is.

Oh and also, this term was coined by AskMen.

Now back to your question, what does roaching really means? Roaching actually means that your partner is dating around and when you ask them “why” or “what was the need to do it”, they end up saying “Oh Calm down, there’s nothing wrong about dating.” According to AskMen, Roaching is a terms that comes from the idea that when you see one cockroach, there are many more around you which you can’t see, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t there.” So when it comes to human relationships, it means, that the person you were seeing were also hiding bunch of crushes, dates etc.

Roaching is very serious, because at one point, you’re seeing this person and then you catch them with someone else. Instead of apologizing or saying “I’ll never do that again”, these people say “I never knew we were so serious about our relationship” or “It is all okay to see people.”

Experiencing roaching is nothing less than a nightmare and oh, it hurts. It’s pretty clear, that there are many who might be the victim of roaching, without even knowing. Thus, roachers IF you’re listening this, then it would be great IF you just let your partner know that you’re dating or you know; have a crush on somebody else.

Good conversation always helps a lot to keep the relationship going. Plus, it also helps each other to know when they should STOP seeing each other.

Dating Trends : Have you experienced roaching? IF yes, how did you handled it?

(Source: AskMen)

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