Zombieing And Ghosting Are NOT The Only Things You Should Be Afraid Of – Here Are Some More!

Modern Dating Terms

Modern Dating Terms – I’m quite sure that you know the meaning behind the popular dating term “GHOSTING”. Well, you must’ve experienced it in your life as well. Or maybe, you must’ve ghosted someone. Ghosting, is considered to be a dangerous dating term and many people are it’s victim. Just in case you’re new to this term, let me explain it to you.
Ghosting means disappearing or ending a relationship with someone without giving any explanation to them. Now, do you think you’re a victim? Also, Zombieing is a dating term that is quite popular and it is equally dangerous as compared to Ghosting. For those who have no idea about the term, let me clear what it means. So, Zombieing means a person who disappears and stops interacting to you but then after months or years, appears again and brings back the relationship like nothing happened, at all.

Scary, right?

You know what; there are some modern dating terms that are equally dangerous. Read about ‘em and find out whether anyone ever did that to you etc.

Here we go –


I personally hate this one a lot and I’m sure you’ll do it too. Benching is something where a person continuously keeps talking to you but only on social media. Like, they’ll comment on your picture, they’ll DM you etc. But, when it comes to meeting them in person, they’ll always end up giving you reasons why they can’t come. It’s like, they’ll keep you hanging.

  1. LAYBE

I know, you’ll be like “Did you wanted to say “Maybe”? Hehe! Sadly, I wanted to say “Laybe” only. Yes, Laybe is a weird dating term that exists and you cannot ignore it. So, Laybe is a term where a person who is already in a relationship will act like they’re unhappy and they want to come out of it. So, they’ll keep flirting with you and they’ll convince you that once they break-up, they’ll get in a relationship with you. It’s your choice –whether to wait or let go.


This one is a simple dating term that sounds good but it is really heartbreaking. Why, you ask? Listen, tuning is a term where two people flirt with each other. Sounds good? Here’s the twist – It also means that one person is way more interested than the other one. Now, that’s kinda heartbreaking, right?


Slow Fading means two people are in a relationship with each other but slowly the love is disappearing and they’re talking fewer etc.

It’s like a relationship that is slowly dying.


Last but not the least, Mooning is said to be the new Ghosting and I think you’ll relate to it’s reason. Mooning is basically a texting term that is considered to be annoying. Mooning is done when you find someone completely annoying because they keep on sending you messages. So, to avoid that, Mooning means putting them on the mute so that their texts don’t disturb you.

Have you done this to anyone?

This was all about the modern dating terms. 

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