Submarining Is A New Dating Trend And It Is The Worst Of All Trends!

Dating Trend Submarining

Dating Trend Submarining – Ghosting, Cushioning, Love-Bombing, Breadcrumbing, Zombieing, and Benching… we almost described all the dating trends. But hey, “these” are NOT the only dating trends that entertained you and me in 2017.

Welcome “Submarining” in your LIFE.

Submarining is a latest dating trend and yes, it is here to mess with you. I know you were already done with all the other dating trends, but “Submarining” is here and you just cannot ignore it. Firstly, BEFORE I explain what it is, I would like to tell you that it may sound similar to “Ghosting.”

Remember “Ghosting”? It is when somebody you’re talking to suddenly disappears and cut all ties with you. Well, Submarining is similar to Ghosting but worst as compared to it. So what is submarining? Submarining is when a person you’re talking to disappears completely and then, comes back again like nothing happened, at all. They message you, they plan out things etc, and they act normal as in nothing happened. They don’t care asking “What happened or why are you angry” and they don’t even apologize.

Yes, now isn’t that really annoying?

For them it’s not a big deal and thus they act in a very cool manner without caring about your FEEINGS. Ouch! That hurts badly, right? I know. Honestly, I’ve been there. Surprisingly, many people admitted that they experienced it too. You know; the weird thing is, they act like they did nothing wrong to anyone. Infact, submarines are so okay with disappearing that they don’t realize they disappeared on you and that their actions made you upset.

I’m so done with such people IN MY LIFE.

Dating Trend Submarining : Honestly, it happened once and I decided to let it go. But then, it happened again and that was it. How do you deal with this? Let us know in the comment section below.

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