These Short Stories On Husbands Are Hilarious AF

Short Stories On Husbands

Short stories on husbands – Any woman who is married out there knows that husbands are cute yet very difficult to handle.

It’s impossible to figure out what they are thinking half of the time and just when you are ready to be angry on them, they impress you with a romantic gesture.

Now, your husband could be romantic and cute but once you are married, there are always some funny incidents that happen.

So, here are some of those short stories on husbands that happened in the life of few people and these are hilarious AF.

Short Stories on husbands –

The scared husband by Aishwarya Ramesh:

“When I reached office, I got a call from my wife, “what is the date today?”. I was wondering. Then told her 11th September. Call disconnected.

I was wondering. Her birthday? No. Mine? No. Anniversary? No. Son’s birthday? No. In laws birthday? Anniversary? No. Gas booking-done. Utility payments-done.

Her uncle who arrives when we want to go out, talk and kill us and our time. His birthday? No. Then?

Why date? Lunch and evening tea went with spinning questions.

Reached home. Junior was playing in car park. Asked him, “How is the weather in kitchen? Tornado or Tsunami?” Boy told, “All normal. Why?”.” Your mom asked me what the date is today in the morning?” Boy smiled and told “I tore some sheets from calendar in morning. She was confused”.

Arggggg! Being a husband is a tough job.”

 To scared to ask husband by Alaka Nanda:

“The following conversation initiated by a creative husband, a diehard coffee addict,who wants coffee at 11pm but doesn’t want to annoy his wife after the long day she has had. This happens in the drawing room,when everyone is getting ready to wind up for the day.

To his daughter: Supper was good isn’t it? Don’t you want something else to complete it?

Daughter: Yes dad supper was fine, I am full, no mood for dessert .Good night dad.

Dad: That’s great, I didn’t mean dessert by the way. Good night.

To his son: Are you going to study for some more time at night?

Son: No dad I am done for the day .I have my assignments ready,so I will sleep early today .Good night dad,

Dad: Ohh that is good, Good night son.

His wife is a silent spectator to this conversation.

He then stands up and says loud enough for her to hear .May be I am thirsty,I should drink some water and then sleep. He then goes to his room. His wife comes to the room after a few minutes and gives him a cup of coffee and his face lits up like a kid.

Husband: That is so nice of you, thank you. But I didn’t ask for coffee, I just had a glass of water.

Wife: Yeah, you didn’t ask .Nothing new here,I am with you for the past 26 years.Try something new next time .Don’t forget to put the cup in the kitchen sink.

Husband (Smiling): Sure.

Again in the morning,the husband gets his coffee right on time with a little taunt by his wife for forgetting the coffee cup on the side table last night.”

The Careful Husband by Madhusudhan:

“Two days back me and my colleague went out of office during lunch break

While we were walking someone beside us was smoking cigarette and my colleague started running. When I asked him why you are running he said that if that smoke(smell) caught to his dress, his wife will think that he had cigarette. Even though he doesn’t smoke and it was in afternoon and he need to stay till 7pm in office for the fear of wife, he ran like crazy on the road.

This is how a husband takes care of his wife just to make her happy and to avoid unnecessary argument with his wife.”

These are the short stories on husbands – So, what is your husband story? Share with us because the world needs to know how cute these husbands are.

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