Forget Ghosting, Benching Is A New Dating Trend And You Might Be A Victim Of It!


If you’re not living in a dreamy world, then I’ll guess that you’re aware with the term “ghosting”, and what exactly does it mean.

Just in case you’ve no idea, let me tell you, that ghosting is an act where a person you’re in contact with suddenly disappears from your life (no calls, no texts) without letting you know that “yes, I’m disappearing”.

I’m pretty sure that many of you must’ve experienced this situation, agree?

Ghosting keeps on happening, and no one’s going to stop doing that (for obvious reasons) Well, we thought only “ghosting” is dangerous. But I guess, we were completely wrong.

Ghosting Ka Baap is here. Can you guess it? Oh well, yes, I’m talking about “Benching“. Trust me, this new dating trend is way more dangerous than ghosting. To be honest, benching is seriously very dangerous. I mean, you might be a victim of it. Once you get to know what “benching” is, I’m sure that you’ll be like “oh, people do that to me all the time“, and some will be like “Yeah, I do that too.”

Let’s begin –

What is “Benching”? Unlike Ghosting, in Benching, your date or the person you’re talking to will not disappear in the thin air. According to the New York Magazine, Benching is when someone you’re interested or head over heels (one-sided) in love with stops hanging out with you, whenever you say “So, when are we meeting?” or “Should we meet here?” They are people who’ll always be in contact through texting, snapchatting etc. They’ll even like and tweet the things that you share on instagram, twitter etc, but they’ll always give a big “NO” when it comes down to hanging out together.

Is there something like going on in your life?

I feel extremely sorry for you. Anyways, are you benching someone? There’s always a possibility.. So.. Just be careful. Honestly, if you’re experiencing benching in your life, then let me tell you, in a sweet and short way “it is a slow trick of dumping a person later.”

The common example that is used everywhere to define this “Benching” term is, “In a game, when you’re benched, you’re not playing that game, but indirectly you’re a part of it, right?” That’s how it goes in relationships as well. The worst thing about “benching” and why it’s so dangerous is because, you’re always confused about whether to move on or keep going. You know, you think that they’re texting and talking, so there are chances to take things further. And then, you also keep thinking that “maybe one day” the opposite person will come and meet. In reality, things are pretty bad. You know, benching is actually a way to keep people interested in you, and talk to them whenever you’re bored AF.

Like I already told you, Benching is dangerous than Ghosting. Have you ever benched someone? Or do you think someone is playing this trick on you? Let us know in the comment section below.

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