What Are Your Top Wishes? I Am Sure These Are!


“If wishes were horses, beggars would ride!”

This is an English proverb that originated more than 400 years ago and means that there is no point in wishful thinking unless you put efforts in making those wishes come true. However, what if our wishes are such that they don’t require any action?


Let me explain. Now we all have wishes and dreams and desires, but not all of them come true. Also, everyone has a different set of wishes based on their personality and what they want from life. However, there are certain wishes, which almost everyone has, irrespective of the age, colour, sex, caste etc. let me tell you the top four wishes and am sure, you’ll agree with me and will pray for all of them to come true, immediately!


Here they are:

1) Earn without working!

Yeah, isn’t this the best wish of all time for everyone on the planet? How super cool it would be to check your bank balance every month and find millions credited in there without you having to lift a finger for earning even a single rupee? Yeah yeah, I can see that wide crazy smile on your face now!

2) Eat without getting fat!

This one is for ladies! However, it can apply to health conscious men as well. The best thing to happen is for you to be able to eat anything and everything of your choice without worrying about gaining weight or excessive fat! Imagine eating a king size burger in the lunch followed by a double scoop of your favourite ice-cream and dinner offers you a large pizza with cold drinks while you laze away on the couch watching your favourite tv shows! Do I hear you say, a dream life?

3)  Love without getting hurt!

How we all wish for this particular wish to come true! Love brings so much of happiness, but with it is the possibility of an extreme amount of pain as well! Somehow there should be some magic that love leads to only happiness and more love with no scope of pain in it! Breakup or no breakup! Period. As a matter of fact, nowadays with most people changing their partners faster than they change their underwear, this wish already seems to be coming true. In the morning you fall in love, by afternoon you break up and in the evening you have another love by your side! Where’s the pain, right?

4) Be smart without studying!

If only education made someone smarter! Even then, basic education is important to live in the society, but then that shouldn’t be the criteria to be smart or an idiot! Given the state of our country, so many politicians, film-stars, government servants are highly educated, but are they smart? Far from it actually! Therefore, common sense and smartness should be gifted by nature and shouldn’t have to do anything with studies!

Well, these are some of the wishes I think we all want. Jokes apart, if these come true, world would definitely be a better place to live in, don’t you think so?

If you have any more wishes, share with us guys! Let’s help each other fulfill all our wishes!

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