The Dating Scenario in India v/s Abroad

Dating in India vs Abroad

Dating in India vs Abroad – He Met Her. He Liked Her. He Asked Her Out.

But like a tragic twist in all Bollywood movies, she brought her parents along to talk about ‘Rishta’. This is what dating in India actually constituted till the late 90’s. But the 21st century brought a fresh wave of change.

Though the parents have not changed yet and most of them remain rigid, the younger generation has become more flexible and accepting.

Dating in India vs Abroad –

Dating in India vs Abroad

  • With fabulous apps like Tinder and iCrushiFlush in the picture, dating someone without the qualms of being suspected as a freak and a creep has become easier.
  • The perfect soulmate is the dream of every single person irrespective of the origin, so why should the Indians suffer the brunt of Arranged marriages?
  • Comparatively the dating scenario in Countries like USA is lithe and manageable. The American parents accept the social needs of their teenagers and are open to their friends and boyfriends or girlfriends visiting or hanging out with them. This probably makes it easier for the kids to share and talk about their relationships and life openly which in turn makes the parent – child bond stronger.

Dating in India vs Abroad

  • In India, the parents tend to glue to their kids controlling most of their lives and taking decisions for them. The parents also keep a shrewd eye on who their kids are mingling with. (Neetu Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor)
  • Blind dates and dates with random strangers are a huge No-No in India. It looked like a beautiful fairytale for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry but considering the crime rate in India is that advisable? And with Date Rape drugs such as rohypnol doing the rounds, who would trust some unfamiliar face.
  • In India the society fixates one thing in the mind of growing kids, Marriage is a Must. Many of the youngsters even today believe that marriage is a sacred bond. No wonder the matrimonial sites have higher registrations than the dating applications. Shaadi.com has around 10 million web traffic as compared to meager 3 million of Tinder.

Dating in India vs Abroad

  • The 4 neighborhood aunties who are the Sherlock Holmes fans follow us everywhere. Their eyes scrutinize every single move of ours. Morals and ethics are the core values of Indian society, though they might not exactly follow the codes but the people are always ready to point fingers at others, criticizing every stir. Dating is deemed unethical and thus ruled out of the character log book.
  • Curbing the teenagers socially turns them into a devil waiting to rebel. Most of the dating sites have desperate people ready to pounce at every single opportunity they get. Unlike the citizens of countries like USA who try to find love on such online sites, Indian dating sites are full of creeps.
  • Valentine’s Day is a myth and chocolates, teddy bears, roses are lethal. The Rigid Indians show no mercy on poor love struck people. This eliminates the chances and places of dating. The fear of getting judged heaves upon the heads of youngsters.

Dating in India vs Abroad

  • There are innumerous regulations for dating in India. And yet people find true loves on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and even LinkedIn. The dating horizon is expanding and becoming more acceptable with time. It wouldn’t be soon that the Indian dating scenario matches the ones Abroad.

Dating in India vs Abroad – Dating in India is still a sham to many, but as the generation becomes more laidback and tolerable the stigma attached with dating is soon going to be whipped off. Though it would take time, maybe a lot, for the parents to adjust to their kids choosing their mates.

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