5 Reasons Why Dating A Bihari Guy Is Like A Lottery

Dating A Bihari Guy

There are a lot of misconceptions around Biharis and people around the country have stereotyped them for a lot of things but looks like they have overlooked one good thing.

Well, that’s the perks of dating them. You might not have understood it till date if you are caught up in the stereotypes, but dating a Bihari guy is actually like a lottery.

Yes, it is and you will be able to realize it once you forget everything else you have heard and think about these reasons that makes them the best guys to date.

Dating A Bihari Guy –

  1. They are extremely intelligent

We all know that the top most posts of government offices and IAS etc. are filled up by Bihari’s in the country. Those guys are always the toppers in studies and I seriously don’t know how their mind is so sharp in such things. So, having an intelligent boyfriend will be something that you can be proud of, right?

  1. They are daring

One thing is for sure, a Bihari doesn’t need abs and biceps to be daring. He roams around with that power in his heart and when it is about showing daring and fighting, he is always on the front. Basically, if someone ever looks at you, he will make sure to kick his ass.

  1. The Food

If you are dating a Bihari guy, you are bound to eat a lot of good food. The best of all is Litthi Choka and you will go crazy after eating it. You know what’s even better? Every Bihari guy is a good cook too so he will make a lot of them for you.

  1. They are sweet

You’ve got to believe this fact if you have known a Bihari for even a while. They are extremely sweet and they know how to talk with all that sugar on top. So, if you are going to date a Bihari guy, you are bound to receive a lot of compliments and sugar loaded comments every day.

  1. They are down to earth

You must have seen the over-the-top attitude that guys have these days but if you date a Bihari, you will be away from that stupid mess. They are extremely down to earth and they know how to stay grounded even if they are something very huge. Well, simplicity is what looks the best, right?

This is why dating a bihari guy is like hitting a lottery – Now, whatever your choices may be, if there is a Bihari guy in love with you, it won’t harm to give him a chance. Only if you don’t to miss the perfect boyfriend material.

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