I Am Clearly A “Dayan” For My Mom-in-law For I Changed His Son !


Dayan – My story is no different it’s just like most daughter in laws experience in our so-called”Indian society”

From childhood I have faced lots of discrimination no not from my parents but from relatives that girls shouldn’t do this, that and blah blah blah. Thankfully my parents were quite understanding they raised me well and got me married to a good family only to discover that they are not as good as they act. Real story started after marriage my mother-in-law is way too much attaché d to his son and sometimes forgets that his son is also a husband.

Every mother loves her son but too much possessiveness murders relationships brutally which happened in my case.

My husband wanted to spend time with me but mother-in-law kept him busy and she was with him all the time.

They went for shopping groceries, clothes everything and she never allowed me to come with them. I always wanted to go with them but I was given a list of home works to complete.

Night my mother-in-law would chit chat till long like 12 in the night and most of the times I slept before my hubby entered the room.  These caused differences between us we fought often for time and then he decided we should go for honeymoon.

Finally, we spent 10 days together and enjoyed every minute my hubby became very attached to me in those 10 days.

After, returning from honeymoon things changed my husband took both of us out for shopping, movies, dinner, everywhere.

Obliviously he loved both of us and I accepted my mother-in-law wholeheartedly but she had issues with me.

She had issues as my husband took me out for his friend’s parties, he gave me importance but the truth is he gave equal love and importance to his mom as well.

But my mother wanted complete attention, care, and love from his son.

She started fighting with me and slowly it turned into abusing and she used to say her friends my bahu is Dayan as she changed my son completely.

Only thing I want to tell her is mother-in-law please group up I am not your competition neither I am here to snatch or change your son. Your son is my husband too and what if we spend some time together and no I don’t bitch about you to your son. It’s your thinking please come out of it and we can live happily.

My husband understood things he explained to her mom he loves both of us and she should also accept me as a daughter, and stop finding faults in me or become insecure.

Now, my mother-in-law stopped abusing me but still think I changed his son! I am Dayan! God help her!

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