Mystery Behind Why Do Airlines Prefer To Hire Female Hostess?

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Female Hostess is the essential part of the crew cabin members of all flights. Does not matter anywhere in the world a person travels; they cannot imagine flights without them. But did you ever know that there is a certain reason that females are specifically preferred for the job? Though in the present time many flights are changing their stereotype rules. Still, the inclination to hire females as hosts in the flight is higher and not mandatory. 

The distinctive looks, uniform dresses, and hospitality is the foremost part that catches the eyes. But some fewer people have an idea about the reason to hire women. 

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Weight carried in the flight’s matters

Height, weight, and eligibility are factors that are essential for the flights. The reduction in weight of each member enables the airlines to save fuel to about more than 2 crores. One of the popular airlines GoAir has described the benefits of saving in crores after hiring female hostesses. 

Compared to the men, the weight is mostly high, which does not contribute to reducing the aircraft weight. This results in burning a greater amount of fuel compared to the former strategy. Often there are discussions to stereotype involvement in the hiring of female hostesses and pilots. But the real fact which works in hiring women is their lightweight. 

Fuel efficiency

With the downfall in the currencies or increase in fuel prices various parts of the world face the loss. Flying aircraft and saving fuels help in earning profits as well as saving fuels for the future. The weight for the aircraft is restricted relating to the number of luggage, handbags, passengers weight the weight of the attendants, and other members including the pilots. 

A little reduction of the 10 to 20 kg weight in one flight enables to save more than two crores per year as per GoAir airline. 

Air Female hostess has taken over hosts

Though men are in the profession of attendant the future looks brighter for women. Not only for their attractive appearances but it enables them to provide a compact way to deal effectively in airline businesses. While the future restricts to females and attractive hosts are always present to serve which points at the beginning of the profession.

The job of a steward was primarily to serve and take care of the passengers. Above all the first attendant was a male from Germany. Heinrich Kubis was the world’s first attendant in 1912. His first flight was a passenger flight, later he was also the host for the LZ 129 Hindenburg. He was able to survive after the flight was crushed by jumping from the window as it was slowly towards the ground. 

The first female Stewart was Ellen Church, a 25-year-old for United Airlines in the year 1930. It was after this that the female hostess in large numbers joined airlines. 

Even the upcoming years it expects to hire female hostesses as it will help to reduce the loss after the massive strikes of pandemic hitting the airline business worldwide 

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