8 Things Only Chennai Super Kings Fans Will Relate To!

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Chennai Super Kings is one of the most popular team of IPL and why not?

It is blessed with the strong leadership quality of our captain cool Mahendra Singh Dhoni and has the best line up too.

It has become a brand so powerful, not just because of the players but because of the immense love and support it gets from the fans. So today we look at 8 things only CSK fans will relate to…

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most jealous of them all?


Tumse na ho payega haters!

There is no denying that CSK is one team that is loved by so many fans, but you also can’t ignore the haters this team attracts. But hey don’t mess with CSK fans because they know you just hate them because you are simply jealous. Huh haters, haters everywhere…Am I right CSK fans?

It’s CSK vs the rest of the world errr teams!


Kab hai Finals? Finals kab hai?

CSK is like team India on a mission, like in World Cup it’s Team India vs the rest of the world, in IPL it’s like every team plays league matches and play offs to play CSK in the finals. Well stats speaks too for them. Yes that’s exactly what happens in most of the IPL, and fans are mostly super confident it’s going to be whistle Podu all the way!

Hamare paas Dhoni hai!



Just like this famous dialogue ‘Mere Paas Maa Hai’, every CSK fan is proud to say ‘Hamare Paas Dhoni Hai’..Well who wouldn’t be proud of having captain cool in their side? And no one is complaining, you may hate him or love him but you simply can’t ignore him and his able captain ship.

Talk to my hands trolls!


You get that right?

As I mentioned CSK although has immense love and support of their fans, haters just don’t stop trolling. But the fans of CSK always have an answer to the trolls in ‘Talk to my hands’ style, and if not they surely know how to roar.

If not Rajnikanth, Dhoni’s helicopter shot will save Chennai 😉


That’s how he roars!

Don’t underestimate the power of our Dhoni man! So you need 60 runs in 28 balls but you are still confident because you know Dhoni is yet to come and just like superman he is going to rescue his team. That’s the kind of confidence this man has earned today, well he truly deserves that, even haters will agree to it.

The whole world is conspiring against my team…


Haters haters please go away!

They say only CSK fans rejoice when CSK wins but when they lose many fans of other teams rejoice, ummm looks like Saari Kaaynat CSK ko harane mei lagti hai! But who cares? They win anyways, do you get that haters?

Do or Die!


Winners in every sense!

They love their team but they love their team even more when they win. The fans are so much involved in the game that nothing but winning makes them feel on top. The fans knows the only answer to trolls and haters is the win! And their team surely knows how to make it special for them.

Always stands by their team no matter what!


Hath nahi chorenge! Saath nahi chorenge!

Winning is important for anyone but it takes only real fans to stand by their team even if they are losing. The fans of CSK shows an amazing example by standing for their team even if they end up on the losing side, now who wouldn’t want fans like them? Pat yourself if you come under the same league.

As I said you love them or hate them you surely can’t ignore them! 😉 Also on another note it’s just IPL, and what truly matters to a cricket fan is that cricket should win no matter which team or club it is. So lets just sit back and enjoy cricket without trolling each other.

Also if you are a CSK fan, let me know if you relate to any one of these. So will it again be ‘Whistle Podu’ all the way? Only time will answer that…

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