Wait Until An Automated Robotic Machine Serves You Healthy Rotis!

Rotimatic - Roti maker

For all those working married women out there, who are jostling between workloads in office to busy meetings to client servicing to cooking at home, a Singapore-based company, Zimplistic by co-founders Pranoti Nagarkar and Rishi Israni brings you a convenient, easy to handle and less time-consuming solution for all your woes concerning deciding the consistency of the mix of water and flour to make rotis or low-calorie, whole-wheat flatbreads at home.

Pranoti Nagarkar and Rishi Israni

Pranoti Nagarkar and Rishi Israni

The duo has come up with a strikingly innovative device, a flagship device of the company, Rotimatic that comprises of compartments for flour and water where you are easily spared the guesswork of measurements as the product itself combines the two ingredients together and you just have to click a button for how many rotis you want. The device would fetch you hot puffy fully cooked rotis in a matter of a minute! Yes, that’s true!

The concept of automatic rotis is the basic concept behind Rotimatic which can automatically determine the quantity of flour and water because of an in-built system that can “auto-correct and auto-adjust.” The mastermind behind this idea, Pranoti herself confesses that she could not sustain her life by making rotis manually on a daily basis, something many modern-day women can identify themselves with.



This is the brand that has come to be the world’s first robotic kitchen technology useful for many people around different societies in Asia, Fiji, Suriname, Tobago and Trinidad and some other parts of Africa.   Rotis are popularly consumed with cooked vegetables, curries and also as roti parantha, tandoori roti and rumali roti, apart from being served as wraps, pizzas, quesadillas and many other fiber-rich diets.

More than 5 million dollars have been generated through Rotimatic sales by July last year itself. The whole credit goes to the simplified healthy cooking and eating option that this robotic device provides for using its artificial intelligence system where flour is to water ratio is correctly measured to deliver rotis every minute. You can also opt to choose how soft, large, thick you want your rotis to be and even customize it the the type of oil and flour you want your rotis to be made with. It is all displayed on a LCD panel and you can even choose to create just the right-sized dough balls in few seconds if you just want to fry or bake them.

The automated robotic roti-maker has been designed and engineered by Pranoti while Rishi was more responsible for handling the software issues. Pranoti’s initial years went in pursuing Mechanical Engineering from the National University of Singapore and working for Amtek, an engineering company where she learnt her skills of product development and came up with the idea of roti-making machines as for every other thing that we can do manually, there are machines, then why not for making rotis/chapatis that is a tedious process in itself.

Singapore, a country known for making business and start-ups easy and promoting entrepreneurships in recent years, saw Pranoti winning the national Start-up Singapore rivalry in 2009 for Zimplistic’s flagship innovation, Rotimatic that weighs 39 pounds comprising of 10 engines, 15 sensors and 300 sections that have the fast-pace ability to yield rotis every minute. For Indians, it is a double benefit as the roti-maker also enables you to make puris and dough balls. The colours and materials used in the device fit its elegant design and nonetheless look appealing.

There have been some other roti-makers too but they have been more common for the local markets or either have been too small or too huge to be able to use it often. The only thing needed for this device is the ingredients like water, flour and oil, for which the compartments have been segregated in the device and even the opening at base where the final product will be discharged. You can also add ingredients like cinnamon, salt and sugar that easily mix up with the water. A normal plug-in device that takes only about 5 minutes to get heated up to a temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit with an easy display to customize your roti preparation and an even easier method of clean-up as all its parts are detachable and dishwasher-safe.

Perfect roti

Perfect roti

Zimplistic CEO and co-founder, Rishi Israni is thrilled with the response the device has got in US where California, New Jersey, Texas and New York all had put their hands up for this device. The company promises to ship all its pre-orders early this year on a first-come-first-serve basis. The orders yet to come will be shipped by later this year.

For the company, Rotimatic is just the beginning that is committed towards “bringing beautiful smart devices to all parts of kitchen” and to “bring health with convenience.”

The company and the successful entrepreneurs behind it, Rishi and Pranoti have managed to gain a global scale distribution as well as much attention in the general press as well as on social media. Next the duo aims to target South Asia and Indian expats living abroad. The company has also received remarkable investor funding, especially a 6 million dollar investment from Spring Singapore.

So the next generation of cooking innovation and technology is here where robots can almost feed you healthy fibrous food almost instantaneously and readily just at the click of a button!

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