Honest Confessions Of 10 Couples Who Have Major Doubts Just Before Wedding!

couples struck with different doubts

With wedding around the corners, we see couples struck with different doubts and fears.

I Am sure you could try to relate it by now. Here, are some confessions and doubts that 10 different people have come up with. Check them out.

Couples struck with different doubts

  • We are into each other for 3 years and now we are planning to get married. With marriage scheduled next week, I doubt if the magic will last forever as we fight a lot and my GF is a big drama queen, shopaholic, alcoholic and s**holic. And I doubt should we get married.
  • With the wedding being around the corners, I alone had to plan and manage everything without least help from him. Now I doubt if he really gonna help me out with the house hold course at least, another doubt is my decision correct.
  • Everytime we have a spat, he thinks I should get back to him pampering and feeling sorry. Now I feel why to surrender my ego! And I now feel, this is something to be thought of should I call off engagement 2 days before wedding!
  • I know he’s got a fickle mind. But, I love him and wish to marry him. I doubt if he is really serious about the commitment with me. God help!
  • Soon as I broke up with my ex, my fiancé and we got attracted to each other well, that we decided to get married. With marriage just 10 days away – there is on weird question that stuck my head. Do I really love my fiancé or is it that he is my escape from my ex.
  • I doubt if my GF loves me or the only things she needs is money and S**.
  • Is it a good idea to get married with him, even when I know he is seriously not into me, he loves my money, what I should do.
  • I doubt if this choice of mine, a right one. Did I make a mistake rejecting the guy that my parents selected for me.? This fellow drinks crazily, hooks up  and then says he loves me and will leave should I trust and marry him.
  • Why marry?! When we could go for live-in-relationship. My BF told me this 1 week before wedding !
  • This man doesn’t have minimum qualities of my ideal husband, that I’ve been imagining since long.  Is getting married to him a good idea?!

These are the couples struck with different doubts – Chuck, it buddies. No relationship on this earth is perfect. Accept flaws of each other; help them get over things that disturb you. Time, you happily welcome life, flushing out such doubts from your brain.

Happy Married Life, folks! So, these  were some honest confessions of couples.

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