5 Classic Relationship Truths Every Girl Should Know

Relationship truths

Relationship truths – Relationships are a tricky business. As two people’s emotions and completely different mindsets are involved. Whether to hold onto a lost cause or get out when the time is right?

These are some of the questions that haunt us, despite our modern outlook and independent streak.

Here are five classic relationship truths that every girl should know. Read on…

Relationship truths –

It’s okay to get out of a relationship that’s going nowhere:
When faced with such a situation, all you can think of is the mess involved. And how much you’re going to hurt your partner, who is perfectly sweet. But it’s okay to call it quits on a fling that’s going nowhere and has no future. No point wasting your time and his. He may love you very much, but if you can’t hold on despite his affections, there’s something fundamentally wrong with the relationship. So no need to feel guilty as your life is more important.

It’s okay for him to have a girl best friend:
Even the most modern of women would not be able to digest the fact that her beau has a girl best friend, who he shares all the day’s happenings with. You know what, ladies? It’s quite cool. Just like he can’t expect you to give up on your friends, you can’t force him to make you the centre of his whole being. Everybody likes to hang out and share stuff with their gang. It applies to the committed kinds too! So it’s okay if he grabs a cup of coffee and has a long chat over the phone. He doesn’t love you less, he just values his friends more.

It’s okay to argue when you want to be heard:
How many times have you wanted to argue over something but let it go thinking the impact it would have on your fragile relationship? Well, if your love is so shaky, it’s better to let go than cling onto it. It’s okay, in fact, quite important to argue in a relationship. He has to know what you like/ dislike. What you want/don’t want and what makes you happy/sad. It can’t always be about him and his needs. If he is being selfish, you have to make your voice heard too. And it includes sex as well. Your sexual needs are as important as his. So it’s absolutely okay to make some noise.

It’s okay to not be high on PDA:
Some guys cringe when women broach the subject of PDA. It makes the guys lose their cool somehow. While women dig the idea of holding hands when walking down the streets, some men find it repulsive. If you’re stuck with a guy like this, it’s okay. If he loves and cares for you otherwise, let go of such minor issues like PDA. Don’t keep telling him about your friends’ boyfriends and how wonderful they are. You’re only going to piss him off further. But remember, there’ll be something that he likes to do but you hate it. When it comes to that, stick to your choice.

It’s okay to be a romantic fool:
Don’t be embarrassed by your overly romantic gestures. It’s totally okay to be foolishly in love as long as you don’t hurt yourself. Women are emotional and we work in a different way when it comes to the matters of the heart. So if you’re smitten, show it and feel it. Take sloppy pictures, go aww all over his posts and hug him tight when you’re upset/scared. Nobody has the right to judge you as we they all have their individual issues an demons to deal with.

These are classic Relationship truths – Most importantly, if he is even verbally abusive and makes you feel scared, get out of the relationship. Right away.

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