Shocking Facts About Diwali Pollution

Diwali pollution

Diwali pollution – Diwali has just gone by and the festive mood has simmered down but the brunt that the environment had to bear followed by the affluent burning of the firecrackers is irreparable.

This is our twisted pride to burn more crackers than the neighbor to show the caliber of status but the holistic malevolence of the same takes a toll on our environment. Recently, a news surfaced that Assam’s village Ganakkuchi has been making green crackers to curtail pollution but not many of us seem to spare a thought to the environment amid festive frenzy.

You may be shocked to know till what extent the crackers cause harm to the environment and we are handpicking some really shocking facts about Diwali pollution here:

Facts of¬†Diwali pollution –

1 – Firecrackers are dangerous:

Firecrackers are content of Sulphur di oxide, lead, magnesium and nitrate which can lead you to many respiratory ailments.

In essence, fire crackers cause a lot of air pollution aside from noise pollution. It is said that the pollution rate goes up to at least 50% in India during Diwali and we watch as mute spectators. The worse victims of the same becomes the elderly and the children whose immunity power is fairly less than ours. People have also complained about having burning sensation in the eyes and appearance of rashes in the skin lately as an after effect of burning crackers. Even worse, Diwali comes in winter hence most of the gases released from the firecrackers get trapped in the mist which leg up the pollution to no limits.

The air has high concentration of PM 2.5 hence condition of the same worsens as the night wears on. The malefic effects of the same block your respiratory tract and people start complaining about shortness of breath a lot.

As per a report of BBC late in time, pm 10 particles which are deemed to be very harmful to the health, once rose to 2000 microns per cubic meter in Delhi which reached 40 times limits recommended by WHO. To add to the woes, India’s center for science and environment reported that air pollution caused by firecrackers in Diwali pan India led to 3–40 percent increase in the breathing disorders among Indian men and women. Back in the year 2016, Delhi’s air pollution level hit a dangerous high 447 in the next day of Diwali and spiked to 500 in the same evening. The figures however, oscillated between 401 and 500 which was considered to be fairly severe.

You may also be shocked to hear that according to the experts, the sound of firecrackers exceeding the limit of 90 decibel can cause nervous breakdown or loss of hearing.

2 – Garbage:

Last, but not the least the garbage lying on the road after the Diwali night is a sorry sight to us if the concern of Global Warning is kept aside. The chemical garbage too is equally detrimental to peoples’ health. This country has always had a problem with garbage disposal and after Diwali that becomes pretty enormous to deal with.

Diwali pollution

Diwali pollution – Firecrackers are equivalent to burning money. Why this faux elitism when we can simply donate it for a social cause?

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