5 Places In Kolkata Best For Couple’s Dating !

Best dating places in Kolkatta

Best dating places in Kolkatta – While dating for couples on a regular basis especially college students, pocket money is a factor.

Spending a lump sum of time for hours and hours becomes difficult in restaurants in most of the cases.

Therefore thanks to the West Bengal government and the people of the city of joy who have given space to the lovebirds to spend time together among which the 5 places in Kolkata for couple’s Dating are:

Best dating places in Kolkatta –

1 – Banabitan (Central Park) best among 5 places in Kolkata best for couple’s Dating.

Lovers or couples best place for dating surrounded by the shades of plants and breeze of water bodies. Banabitan is adorned with nature, scenic beauty and greenery situated in Bidhan Nagar, Salt Lake Kolkata. The second largest visiting place in Kolkata is the central park, salt lake, water birds, garden of flowers and plants. Shades of shrubs, plants and tall trees, you can sit to relax around the lakes or water bodies for hours.

The blooms of roses and marigold flowers embrace with a beautiful entrance for the visitors. The large boundary of the park is mostly vivacious because of the lovebirds or couples those who hang out within the embrace of nature, one of the 5 places in Kolkata for Dating.

Best dating places in Kolkatta

2 – Millenium Park

Couple’s place, the millennium park situated at the bank of Hooghly river, present at the strand road. The attractive creation of the river, the fine place for the morning sunrise or evening sunset, the immense lust of nature that always provide a grasping scene for photography. Selfies with your companion, background of the Hooghly river or the Hooghly bridge icon of Kolkata. No one has to mention the place if the Hooghly bridge and the river is the background of your selfie.

Sail through the river enjoying the scenic beauty, love talks sailing through the river. Fairie Ghat on one side and the other side the railway club.

Best dating places in Kolkatta

3 – Nalban

Beautiful entrance with water body for boating, sail around the lake having love chats with your lover. Large area followed by the view of the lakes sitting by the side watching the scenes allocated with greenery of nature. Nalban is situated in salt lake sector V, easy convenient route and bus stand. Get down from the bus or take a bike ride through the EM bye pass to reach Nalban.

Nalban is owned by the State Fisheries Development Corporation who is planning to add few more food stall and a sports zone.

Best dating places in Kolkatta

4 – Rabindra Sarabor

The wonderful place is actually known as Dhakuria Lake, one of the oldest place developed by the Kolkata trust. Dhakuria lake was later renamed as “Rabindra Sarabor” as the tribute to “Rabindranath Tagore”. A large area covered with trees a place for relaxing hours and hours with your friends or partner.

In winter sitting by the water body, you will find the migratory birds, the area is the highly shaded area that makes a comfortable place to rest in summer.

Best dating places in Kolkatta

5 – Nandan

One more oldest place among the 5 places in Kolkata for Dating where the couples feel free to engage themselves mostly known for the auditorium cultural show and cinemas. The place is maintained by the West Bengal government inaugurated the film by Satyajit Ray in the year 1985.

Best dating places in Kolkatta

These are best dating places in Kolkatta – Surrounded by the Citizen park, Shishir Mancha, Eliot park and the historical place “Victoria”, apart from the 5 places in Kolkata best for couple’s Dating.

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