After Bahubali’s Success Writer Comes Up With “Aarambh” On TV – Finally Saas Bahu Drama Ended

historical serial Aarambh

The new historical serial Aarambh is going to break all stereo type plots of Indian television.

The serial focuses on clash of Dravidian and Aaryan Civilization both fighting for their own existence. Aarambh is written by K.V Vijendra Prasad.  The writer in previous project Bahubali also has gained lot of appreciation.

The show went on air at Saturday.

Here are 5 things we loved about historical serial Aarambh, and some of them are as follows:-

Historical serial Aarambh

  • Plot: – The serial is information pack and completely goes in narrative flow. Minutest details of the lifestyle of Dravidian vs Aaryan culture.  The plot talks lot of gender inequality. Filmmaker Goldie Behl is directing the show.
  • The characters of the serial:-Rajniesh Duggal (Varundev), Tarun Khanna (veer Kayast) and Tanuja (Hahumma) were simply mesmerizing. Tanuja who has made her debut in Indian Television debut has worked fantastically in this serial. There are even few scenes of Tamilan actress of Karthika Nair but she stands well to every expectations.
  • Impressive Visuals:- Big fat crocodile and huge snakes, mark their existence and not look fake like Ekta Kapoor serial Naagin. In the future years, this serial is surely going to bring huge twist in the Indian television Industry. 
  • Background score:- The serial Aarambh airs on Star Tv  every weekend at 9 pm. The serial stands up to every expectation of the promotions.  We have witnessed lot of historical television shows but this show without over-doing shows the important aspects very well. 
  • Realistic battle scenes:- The battle scene between the supposed cannibals and Aaryans were shot well with every angle that made it look more realistic. We appreciate even the quality of the graphics where Devsena and Varundeva met each other for the first time.

Historical serial Aarambh – Thank god the serial brings in much deserved break from those Saas-bahu plots. The well done up setups, costume and earthy style of makeup gives another reason to watch this serial.

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