Hey Girls! Apply These 4 Ways And Make Every Guy In The College Want To Talk To You!

  1. Let Everyone Know You Are Full of Fun 

When you will let your silliness out and be a fun girl, everyone will want to stick around including the guys. No one wants to be with a frowning bimbo who has nothing else to talk about besides the physics theorems and project reports. Be the part of the music fests at college, wear that crazy hat, take selfies with your gang and cheer out loud! I can assure you, every guy in the college would want to click a selfie with you. Make these fun traits a genuine part of your personality. Be the exciting girl and let everyone else swim in the excitement with you.


So girls, these were the 4 ways you must use and turn all the boys in the college into that heart-eyed emoji! Let your guards down and help others to do the same. You are in a time and age when connecting with pals is a must.

When everyone is trying to be somebody and play a role, the person who stands out is the one who is fun and playful and doesn’t take herself too seriously.

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