How to determine your body type?

Before picking out an outfit according to your body type, find out which body shape category you fall under.

Fashionistas the world over ask you to dress according to your body type. Do this, if you’re pear-shaped; Wear that, if you’re apple-shaped and so on. But how do you determine your body type? Fret not, ladies! We tell you how to find out your type and dress accordingly…you can thanks us later!

If your hips are wider than your shoulders and the waistline, you fall under this category. In fact, your hips are more than five per cent wider than your shoulders and waistline. You should wear bottoms or skirts that are flattering and which do not make your hips heavier than they already are. Show off your shoulders in an off-shoulder, halter-neck dresses/tops.



If your shoulders and hips are of the same size and your waistline is the same as or wider than your shoulders and hips, you’re apple-shaped. There is little difference in hips, shoulders and waist, so pick one element and flatter it. So that it stands out from the rest.



Probably one of the most desired, the hourglass figure gets its name from, yes, the hourglass. Your bust and hips are of the same size, while your waistline is a lot smaller…in other words, it’s the famed 36-24-36. Almost every outfit suits this body type and you can play up with any element (hips, bust or waist)



Inverted Triangle:
Just imagine an inverted triangle…if your shoulders are wider than your hips and waistline, you have this body type. You should opt for plunging necklines to take the attention away from your broad shoulders.



If your shoulders and waist are of the same size, while your hips are smaller, you are a triangle. You probably gain weight in all the areas. You can play with multiple colours in order to break the symmetry. At all times, keep two of your elements (hips/bust or bust/waist or wait/hips).


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