Hey Girls! Apply These 4 Ways And Make Every Guy In The College Want To Talk To You!


There must be some girl in your college who can enter a room and effortlessly have all the dudes there eating out of her hand. She is the one who hogs all the limelight and every guy seems to be hanging to her by the hook!

She may not be a Deepika Padukone look alike or an uncanny reincarnation of Marylyn Monroe, yet every boy in the class, sticks to her like she is wearing honey!

So what are the reasons? And do you want to be like her too? Do you want every guy in the college, want to talk to you too?

Here are the 4 ways you can apply to make every guy talk to you in the college go mad after you.

  1. Keep A Happy Company Around You

If you are habitual of staying alone in the college, change it immediately! You must have a happy bunch around you, chit chatting and enjoying your company. A super girl gang will do the trick here. Having a chirpy bunch around, amplifies your image and projects you as an interesting person. If you are sitting alone just dreaming off, no one is going to set a foot near you. Guys would always want to talk to the person everyone else wants to talk to. Seed a little attention around yourself, and it’ll spread.


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