An Open Letter To All Those Who Have Ever Had A Breakup !


Hi There,

I know you are dealing with a broken heart and I will say that I understand your feelings because just a few days ago, I went through the same.

I know it’s hard and I know you have been dealing with a lot of shit around but I hope you know that it’s not over yet.

People come and go, some leave with an impact on us and some just stay with us forever. So, that person who just left you isn’t the one who was meant to be forever and you have a long way to go in your life.

I am sure, life became really hard when you had a breakup and nobody around you understood why you are so devastated. Well, it’s hard for someone who hasn’t been through the same to understand what you are going through. But I do and here I am, saying that you don’t have to be that sad. Yes, you loved that person and felt like this is ‘the one’. You know what? That person wasn’t the one and the person who really is going to change your life for forever is waiting somewhere for you to breakup with this person and move ahead in life positively so that you can meet the real one.

Everything that happens in our life, happens for a reason.

No, this is not just a saying but a fact of life. The breakup just happend, the person who you just lost, was just a phase that occurred in your life because for better things to enter in your life, you have to lose the average ones. Don’t tell your heart how much you loved that person, tell yourself how better you can do in future. Tell yourself repeatedly that you have much more than just love in life and you’d rather waste time on yourself than a person who has lost the place that you ever had in your heart.

I don’t want you to get drunk or party hard to forget all that. I want you to read positive things, meet positive people, give time to yourself, and find a little peace to think –

What Next? I followed the same and here I am, with a whole new perspective of life and trying to inspire more people who have dealt with the same.

Hope you find what’s right for you!

With Love,
Someone who understands!

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