Why One Should Not Lose PATIENCE In Life!


Now a days, people losing hope at every step of life where they have to stay calm with patience to let the storm pass by or to face it with full strength.

But even the matured senior citizen is also losing their patience cells and made disaster to their lives.

In the coming years, the generation is seemed to be technology friendly and in spite Of using 2G, 3G they are getting friendly with 4G which provide each and every information right in few seconds only and killing patience cells because of that aggression occurs to their lives and ultimately that reaction bursts out as a volcano. So, due to all the facilities we are being provided us and surrounded keeping that aside we should also prepare ourselves to let wait for a thing, maintain that equilibrium to your minds and stay focussed – determined with your goals to achieve.

For an example – if you have to go for an interview, you should be well prepared for the interview like in dressing formals and through your professional mind skills also. So, while reaching to the interview place your mind is fresh to bang on but in any case you reached late for the interview and the interviewer made you wait for an hour. At that time your fresh mood turns into aggressive form because you don’t have any patience to wait for a while. So, with this entire mode you spoiled your in hand opportunity just because of your impatient attitude towards life and you lose your upcoming opportunity in your hand.

Keeping all these things in mind you should be full of maturity, enlightened faith within yourself, the triggered booster energy and at most the bestow attitude to pass by your hurdles without any stoppage.

Even for middle age and senior citizens have to keep in mind to stay calm and poise to stay equilibrated throughout the whole situation to pass in a smooth slide to cross every stoppage. If you are uncontrollable to this aggression then sit at one place take a deep breath and breath in breath out then take a chill pill by drinking cold water which make you cool for few minutes and logically makes you calm.  Even children in school are getting aggressive which seems to be very surprising to hear about. But when children or kids walk down on street with their parents they demand for the sweets or toys and when their parents with an angry expression say no to them then what they do, they literally lie down on street and cry out loud as possible for them to shout out and make their demand get fulfilled by their parents and within fractions of seconds they laugh , smile and kiss their parents for fulfilling their demand.

This how patience is dying in different age groups but now has learned something upholds and lives with patience and grabs the opportunity with wholly mind set.

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