Movies About War You Should Watch Right Now

Movies about war

Movies about war – When peace seems problem to the cowards, they wage war. War has the worst collateral damage on the mankind where people lose their lives under the spell of jingoism, mothers lose their sons and wives lose their husbands but we have seen war never to stop.

The people in power, driven by their conceit,  become war mongering beasts and the common people face the music. The wars so far have caused many casualties and there are even accounts of brutal massacres. Take for instance, Hitler’s army killed Jews indiscriminately and obnoxiously which curdles our blood.

It is said reality is stranger than fiction so it can be aptly said that reality is the muse of art from where it draws most of the inspiration and here are a few war movies which border on the atrocities of war:

Movies about war –

The Hurt Locker:

This one comes from the female director Katheryn Bigelow who won Academy Awards for the movie. This one was a low budget movie but still had a major draw with the audience as for having the true accounts of Iraq war and the brutalities of the same.

Apocalypse now:

This is one of the most iconic movies of all time and based on Vietnam War. Directors did thorough research on the intricate details of the war and meticulously made the cinematic version of the same. This can also be said an eerie adaptation Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness when Martin Sheen’s caddish descent into the jungles of Vietnam during battle and the horrors that it entailed.



This film was based on the Korean War and through  this, you get to learn a great deal about the war. The story revolves around three medics who stick together during the war and discuss about trivial issues all the while. There was also a television series that followed suit as inspired by the movie which was called M.A.S.H.

Dr. Strangelove:

Well, this movie was based on the cold war and there are a lot of things that you can read about the war including the number of casualties it caused. There were other major factors about the war too which made it a talking point, notable one among those is the potential damage it caused. This is one of the greatest comedies of all time and as a matter of fact, this received quite the accolades from the critics.



The best thing about this movie was that it had a star-studded cast that included Morgan Freeman, Matthew Broderick and Denzel Washington. This is a civil war movie which revolves around one of the first military units on the Union Army that only encapsulated African-American men.


These are the movies about war – These war movies are favorites among the war movie enthusiasts. You should definitely miss them because they reveal a lot about the predicaments the victims of war faced and those involved.

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